Things That Go Bundt In The Night: Treats To Terrify Your Taste Buds

Magic Ate Ball: A Magic 8 Ball covering in rich, delicious caramel and drizzled with candy sprinkles. When will you be able to pass this beast? Reply hazy.

Upcoming Headlines We're Sure To See...

"Pence Refuses To Debate Kamala Without Wife Present" "Vaccine Touted By Trump Simply Diet Coke With A Splash Of Lysol" And more.

Goosebumps for Reopening Cities

GRAVE NEW WORLD: Michael’s government keeps telling him it’s safe to resume normal life, even though he sees on the news that hundreds of people are still dying every day from a highly contagious virus that has no cure. Michael’s government wouldn’t be telling him to deliberately risk his and his loved ones’ health for the vague and ghoulish goal of “reopening the economy”...would it?

CARTOON: Inspection

Looks perfect here, masks not required. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

Rules of POLITICS the Board Game

Grab dice from other player’s hand, chuck across room and move pieces on board while America is looking the other way.

CARTOON: Trumpcare

Just a few more aaaaand we've solved it. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Cinderella School, 2020 Democratic Candidate, or Brand of Cheese?

Biden, Butler, Babybel and more.

Alternatives to Alternative Facts

The truth seems to be a fickle thing in the new White House,…