Things That Go Bundt In The Night: Treats To Terrify Your Taste Buds

Putin Pops

From what we hear, Trump can stuff several of these into his mouth at the same time!!

Magic Ate Ball

A Magic 8 Ball covering in rich, delicious caramel and drizzled with candy sprinkles. When will you be able to pass this beast? Reply hazy.

Ted Bundty

A soft, sumptuous bundt cake splashed with a warm spray of raspberry truffle sauce. Our nurse friends warn that this one is extremely bad for your health, but we don’t care! It’s scrumptious!

Pentagraham Crackers

You’ll be surprised at who you’re able to conjure by setting out a plate of these delicious treats for surprise guests!

The Silence Of The Limes

So unbelievably delicious that it might be the most sinful thing that you ever eat. I mean, maybe.

Full Moon-Pie

Certainly won’t turn you into a werewolf, but so mind-blowingly scrumptious that you may still find yourself naked and disheveled in a wooded area the following morning.

Amityville Gingerbread House

Get out!! Get… out! Get out of the kitchen so I can devour this deliciously sugary house all by myself! Nom nom nom!

QAnon-fat Extreme Fudge Bars

If you’re able to believe any of QAnon’s batshit crazy conspiracy theories, then you should have no problem believing that these ooey, gooey slabs of sugar-coma causing decadence are fat free.

Devil’s Food Cake

Actually, in this post-pandemic, post-Trump world, the devil isn’t quite a scary as he used to be.

by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

Kit has been a regular contributor to MAD magazine for over ten years, and has also been regularly published by National Lampoon, Playboy, The American Bystander, Funny Or Die, SpongeBob Squarepants Comics, Points In Case and many others. His work has been called “sort of like ‘The Far Side’, but more offbeat and often much funnier” by people who should clearly know better. He lives with his wife and two dogs, all of whom do their best to tolerate his presence