Upcoming Headlines We’re Sure To See…

“Pence Refuses To Debate Kamala Without Wife Present”

“Upon Hearing Trump’s Plan, Presidents On Mt Rushmore All Leave At Once”

“GOP Leaders Attempt To Lead Four Horsemen To Water”

“Coronavirus Signs Exclusive First Look Deal With Netflix”

“Consumed Blood Of Christian-Born Infants May Contain COVID Virus, Worries Jared Kushner”

“Kanye Selects Bob The Builder As Running Mate”

“Vaccine Touted By Trump Simply Diet Coke With A Splash Of Lysol”

“Christians Fooled By Trump Not Amused by God’s ‘Hilarious Practical Joke'”

“Confederate Flag COVID Mask Distributors File For Bankruptcy”

“Kids Returning To School Find COVID Masks A Great Place To Hide Test Answers”