Transcript From The Recent Emergency Meeting Of The Multiversal Council Of Kanyes

Kanye Earth 27- I call to order this emergency meeting of the multiversal Council Of Kanyes. Very sorry about the last minute notice, but I’m sure that we can all agree that things are getting out of control quickly.

Kanye Earth XND– Jesus Florglatz, what has he done now?

Kanye Earth 47B– Seriously?? How can you have possibly missed it? Even if you weren’t watching the Multiversal News, certainly you’ve felt the throbbing pain at the base of your cerebral cortex. Mine has been keeping me up for nights.

Kanye Earth 99t– Say, remember the theory that Hitler went crazy due to syphilis eating up most of his brain? Kanye did marry Kim Kardashian, so maybe that’s what has happened here?

Kanye Earth XND– We’re not here not to debate the how and why of this situation. It’s far too late for that. We just need to come to some agreement as to how to proceed with the cleanup.

Kanye Earth 27– C’mon guys, let’s focus here… This moron is making the rest of us look really bad. I myself have lost a major yogurt account due to this racist shithead, and my universe is 7 million parsecs away from this idiot.

Kanye Earth 88Y– Can we not just destroy his entire universe? I think that we can all agree that its pretty much fucked up beyond repair. We’d be doing everybody, including him, a huge favor by just ending the whole fucking thing already.

Kanye Earth ZYOT– Hey, hang on a second! Can I say something here? We can’t just torpedo an entire universe because one guy has lost control! Right? C’mon everybody.

Kanye Earth 27– A valid point. Let us allow cooler heads to prevail.

Kanye Earth 88Y– Okay, but at the same time, let’s also remember that this is the universe that contains the most evil, villainous, despicable version of Elon Musk known to the multiverse.

Kanye Earth 27- ………..

Kanye Earth 27– Okay…. just do it.