Truly Terrible Signs You May Be Staying at a Bad Rehab Center

1) In lieu of parents or other family, they allow your dealer in on visitors’ day.

2) After a particularly harrowing bit of group therapy, they encourage taking the edge off with a shot of Wild Turkey.

3) The Arts and Crafts Therapy teacher applauds your ability to throw together a mini meth lab so quickly.

4) Your counselor doesn’t show up to most of your sessions due to being extremely hung over.

5) When your counselor discovers that you used to be a drug mule, he asks if you’ll help him smuggle some office supplies out to his car.

6) Most of your group counseling sessions are spent watching episodes of Celebrity Rehab.

7) During art therapy, you’re encouraged to “reach your inner artist” by sniffing the markers.

8) Your counselor plans several group field trips to local crack-houses.

9) When caught with several joints snuck in by a friend, the staff forces you to smoke them all in one sitting as a punishment.

10) You find auto-tune versions of your group therapy sessions on YouTube.