Weekly Humorist’s Guide To Hip, Hot Mid-Season Replacement TV Shows!

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Muff Divers  

Trinity and her gang get a tip on a sunken treasure of extremely valuable Ming Dynasty ear-muffs, and so it’s back in their diving suits for more deep sea adventures!   Featuring special guest star and Don Knotts impersonator Felipe Gunderson.

America’s Got Toe Lint

From the creators of the inexplicably popular America’s Got Talent comes this sensational new program!    Average, everyday shmoes take their promised fifteen minutes of fame and waste it by showing you, the viewer, their toe lint.     The Bachelor is still on the air and very popular, so we’re pretty sure that you’ll watch this too.    Hosted by a life-size, slightly rain-damaged cardboard cutout of Charo.

To Catch A Predator 

(Formerly known as Entertainment Tonight)   

Your nightly guide to who’s molesting who in the glitzy, glamorous world of Tinseltown!

Super Mendez Bros. 

Fun, exciting, brightly colored animated program based on the popular video game series, as well as the infamous murdering brothers.   When trouble strikes, will the Super Mendez Bros reach for a trusty mushroom, or the ever-tempting shotgun?    Tune in to find out!

The BacheLord Is Our Shepard

New reality show (in fact, the reality show closest to actual reality) wherein a small-town priest must choose from a cavalcade of terrified young alter boys.   If The Bachelor left you wringing your hands and fretting about the future of our species, then you haven’t seen anything yet!

Really Diff’rent Strokes

Continuing in the suddenly hip tradition of rebooting old tv shows, enjoy another stroll down memory lane with our updated version of TV favorite, Diff’rent Strokes!    There weren’t enough living cast-members to set things up properly, so we instead recut a documentary about Todd Bridges (Willis) serving prison time, and added a laugh track.