Conversations Between a Woman and the Dog She's Unknowingly Dating on 'Love Is Blind'

KELSIE R.: Babe! OMG that is so great you feel the same way! I’ve had no luck in the past and 100% of the guys I’ve dated have cheated on me. But you get me, and I know just by talking to you that you’d never stray. I’m getting loyal vibes! Maverick, I think–no I know–I’m falling in love with you. And you don’t have to say it back. I know it’s soon. [MAVERICK lifts his leg and pees in a plant.]


69 Minutes, 30 Rock Hard, Everybody does Raymond, and more #TitillateATVShow on this week's trending joke game!

Ten Sure-Bet Reality Shows Canceled After Initial Approval

Big Mother- Pitch: Cameras installed in the basements of 15 live-at-home male Gen Zers; the mother of the one who moves out first wins $100,000. Reason for cancellation: After six months of filming, the only activities captured on film were eating DoorDash-ed Taco Bell, video gaming, and masturbating to screenshots of Elon Musk.

An Actual Conversation About That Episode

Me:  Oh. My. God. Did you see that episode? Other Person:  See it?  I feel like I lived it.  That episode shall dwell inside of me for eternity. Like an indestructible tapeworm. Me:  You’re lucky.  That episode gutted me like a fish. Both emotionally and physically.  I don’t think I took a breath that whole episode. 

Survival Guide For Being Shipwrecked In An Episodic TV Series

You’ll likely be lucky enough to get stranded on the only island on Earth that isn’t susceptible to tsunamis, hurricanes, or climate change at large. Your sandy beaches and shanty town made from your wreckage will remain as picturesque as ever. You actually have it better than your friends back home!   

2023 Coachella Act or Classic Sitcom Wacky Neighbor

Uncle Waffles, Cosmo Kramer, Quagmire, and more!

Rejected HBO Max / Discovery+ Streamer Names

anticlimax, now with flax, batgirl axed, and more!

HBO Highlights Its Very Original, Very Unique Content

Rich People Being Absolute Lunatics, Iconic Show From The 90’s, Epic Fantasy Show That Costs A Trillion Dollars, and more!

Lesser Known TV Content Warnings

Mild drug use, bloody scenes of horror, graphic language, rapping vampires. And more!

CARTOON: Netflix Nudge

Bad binge. Today's cartoon by Alex John.


It's growing on me. Today's cartoon by Steve Daugherty.


Game of Groans, Saved By The Yell, Freaks and Shrieks, and more #ScreamingStreamingShows on this week's trending joke game!

REVIEW: The Disastrous Dating Life Of Diane Damone

The basic rom-com set-up of "woman with a less-than-satisfactory dating history going on a series of romantic misadventures" is given a fresh coat of paint by some very funny writing, and by Brittany herself, who is as funny as she is charming and likable (which is to say, very).


Sneeze Company, Pox and Recreation, Everybody Loves Rabies, and more #SickSitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

Select Scenes From The QAnanny Sitcom

QAnanny: Nya-ha-ha-ha-nnha-nnha-hnn-ha-nhee-heee Gross Sheffield: What is that… that noise she’s making? Is that a laugh? Not-So-Brighton Sheffield: I mean… kind of? She’s attempting to use the high-pitched frequency of those noises to short circuit the deep-state hypnotic suggestions that have been hard wired into her brain.


Yuck Woolery, Lames Corden, Drool Carey, and more #RoastAHost on this week's trending joke game!


Thaw and Order, Chill St Blues, Coldlumbo, and more #CopCopShows on this week's trending joke game!


Leave It To Reefer, Herb Your Enthusiasm, Parks & Recreational Drugs, and more #StonedSitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

Coachella Act or TV Sitcom Catchphrase 

Still Woozy, Bang, zoom, to the moon, Alice, Kiss My Grits, and more!

TV Snide

'Oh boy! More Streaming Services!? Maybe they could put them all together on one bill, oh wait, we had that and f*cked it up!' 'The Voice: Sorry, Folks, No Good Singers Left' and more in this issue of TV Snide!


Early parental warnings. Today's cartoon by John Reynolds.

If Cyrano de Bergerac Was an Episode of Catfish: The TV Show

NEV: Dearest Catfish - I think I met the love of my life, Christian. I saw him from afar and I just knew he was the one. [Soft indie pop music plays during the voiceover] He started sending me letters and wowza—this boy is a poet! I was even telling my big-nosed cousin Cyrano about how my boyfriend was so intellectual, but then…something weird happened. I don’t know what to think anymore, and I need help! 

Columbo Makes His Wife a Smoothie

Now, mid-blend something dawns on me. I notice an odd ratio between frozen fruit and juice. Could it be that I’ve mixed them up? I can see by your nodding that you know me all too well. Instead of 2 cups of fruit to 1 cup of juice, I flipped it. So essentially, instead of a smoothie, I’m making you a more refined juice! Columbo, you klutz.

A Viewer’s Guide to What Would Have Been the 79th Annual Golden Globes

A moment will occur, which people will talk about on social media and meme to high heaven. Most likely a saucy comment made by a British winner or a funny face made by an awkward bystander that is up on stage but doesn’t get to speak into the microphone.

Highlights From The Capitol Insurrection Reunion Special Hosted By James Corden

James Corden: Welcome everybody! It’s hard to believe that we are a whole year out from the insurrection that everybody couldn’t stop talking about, but here we are! Thanks to our sponsor, Smartwater! Whether you think Antifa staged the Capitol riots or you know Trump supporters did, Smartwater thinks you’re smart!

I’m The Peloton Bike That Killed Mr. Big, and I’d Like to Set The Record Straight

I can't understand why the media is so insistent on making me this season’s villain. Did you not see Charlotte struggling to cry through Botox? Carrie redirecting every conversation back to herself? Miranda, simply existing? And you think I’m the bad guy? An inanimate object hasn’t been so unfairly villainized since the crockpot on 'This is Us'.


In the doghouse? Today's cartoon by Drew Pankceri.

I’m The Cookie Monster And It’s Time I Stop Limiting Myself In Terms Of Cookies

I’ve spent my entire existence being hyper-transfixed on one particular snack, a snack that’s evolved. It’s like I was living under a rock, a rock-hard chocolate chip cookie that’s been baked too long that I could barely chew with my non-existent teeth.


Up next, holiday fireplace. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.


W*A*S*H, Boy Meets Swirled, King of the Spill, and more #WetSitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

Upcoming Episodes on Season 2 of The Goop Lab

Episode 2:  "Hair's to Ya". Covers armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, eyebrows, back hair, butt hair, ear hair, nose hair, and vaginal steaming.  Special guest: a man who has dressed as a Wookiee for the entirety of his adult life, so far.  Bonus video illustrates how to perform a scalp transplant using common household items and organic cleaning supplies.

FAQ: The General Insurance

Q: What is the General’s type, sexually? A: What? He’s a cartoon. This isn’t some Cool World scenario where humans and cartoons can have sex. He's purely fictitious.

Columbo Gets a Tennis Lesson

Columbo: You know, I gotta thank you for clarifying. I’ve always been confused about how the whole scoring thing works. So does this mean, if I get no points when I’m not serving, my opponent has to call me “love” before they serve?

Other TV Networks Follow Fox’s Lead and Debut Their Own Weather Channels

HBO: It’s going to be a scorcher today, which is why none of our weatherwomen are wearing shirts.


The Masked Swinger, Lancing with the Scars, America’s Got Debt, and more #RegretfulRealityShows on this week's trending joke game!

What's New On Streaming?

The Haunting Of Geraldine's Toaster (Netflix) In the terrifying tradition of previous Netflix hits The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor, this new entry centers on young, optimistic family the Guthries.  The Guthries have just moved into a refurbished house with a terrifying past, and an even more horrific toaster, possessed by true evil.


Brooklyn 99 Degrees, Welcome Back Hotter, Saved By The Hell, and more #SizzlingSitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

Why I, President Jimmy Carter, Am Considering Suing Hee Haw

The show’s animated mascot is a braying donkey. I am a praying member of the donkey party. I trust you all recognize this obvious attempt to make me look like a dopey cartoon.


The Pawffice, Dharma and Beg, Brooklyn K99, and more #DogASitcom on this week's trending joke game!

How Fictional Nurses Would Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine

Cartoon Nurse from The Animaniacs: She insists that you remain professional and direct with your patients, especially the dog-like ones that make inappropriate comments like, “Helloooooo nurse.” After one too many incidents, she recommends against vaccinating patients that resemble dogs, or any non-human animal for that matter. Vaccine supply is short as it is, and when you stick them with the shot, their heads rapidly expand and they uncontrollably shout, “Awwooooooga!”

Truly Terrible TV/Movie Pitches

Bachelord Of The Rings: Lord Of The Rings cosplay enthusiasts vie for the romantic attention of a beautiful model, who spends the better portion of the season pushing heavy furniture in order to block her dressing room door.

Upcoming Crazy Twists on The Walking Dead

That one guy? You know, the guy who's friends with the main guy? He gets separated from the group during a zombie attack!

The Republican Twilight Zone

There is another dimension beyond all logic known to man. It is a dimension of arrogance as vast as space and as bottomless as voter fraud allegations. It is the middle ground between Mike Pence and Kelly Anne Conway, between science fiction and Trump Tweets. It lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of man’s maskless indoor gatherings. It is an area which we call... The Republican Zone.


Spongeworthy Squarepants, Parks and Procreation, Happy Lays, and more #SexySitcoms on this week's trending joke game!


The French Toast Connection, Romancing the Scone, Scream! Of Wheat, and more #BreakfastAMovie on this week's trending joke game!


Steal Or No Steal, Card Farts, Manson Family Feud, and more #GrinchAGameShow on this week's trending joke game!

Upcoming 2020 Holiday TV Specials

The 3 Wisemen Meet The 4 Horsemen (CMT, Tuesday Dec 15, 3 AM)- Animated special from the creators of The Proud Boys Introductory Guide To Dental Hygiene, voiced by a bevy of your favorite wrestling stars, plus Tim Allen as the voice of a wisecracking baby Jesus. (Some material may be unsuitable for those with an IQ of over two digits)


The Cold and the Beautiful, Snots Landing, Days of our Hives, and more #SickSoapOperas on this weeks trending joke game!


Laverne & Squirrelly, Stork and Mindy, Fresh Off The Goat, and more #animalsitcoms on this week's trending joke game!

The Bigliest Sore Loser and 14 Other Future Reality Shows for The Post Presidency Trumps to Appear On

Criminal Double Jeopardy, Lame Duck Dynasty, The Bigliest Sore Loser, and more!

What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: Carelessly Loose Spin-Offs Edition

In light of ongoing pandemic troubles and a frighteningly uncertain presidential election, we felt that our main demographic would like to escape from literally everything and regress back to their childhood. To that end, we’re excited to release five, new spin-off series this week that take your favorite characters-- and the characters you didn’t even know about-- and place them in crazy situations that are all more stable than reality!

CARTOON: Jumped The Shark

"Damn, Season 45 was Crazy!" "Yeah, but the whole Virus plotline was over the top."

New Shows for the Fall Season

Everyone Loves Working From Home, Juicing With the Stars, and more!


Yuck Dynasty, Dancing With The Sars, Skin Hoarders, and more #RottenRealityShows on this week's trending joke game!


Sharks and Recreation, The Dick Van Pike Show, The Shrimpsons, and more #FishASitcom on this week's trending joke game!

We Sharks are Officially Opting Out of Shark Week 2020

The Great White, Bull, and Hammerhead Sharks were among the first to opt out of this year’s Shark Week. The Megaladon has insisted that they’re still comfortable in their 3.6 million year retirement and will not return to help out The Discovery Channel and we support their decision. Minor League Shark Week, which consists solely of Whale Shark programming, has been outright cancelled.

Even More Specialized New Streaming Services!

Selleck-Select: Have you ever been watching a tv show or movie and thought to yourself, "This is okay, I guess... but sure would be a lot better if all of the characters were sporting a Tom Selleck-style stache!" Then you're in for a real treat with Selleck-Select!

Submerged TV Series Brought About By Global Warming

The Walrusing  Dead, House Of Carps, Who’s Th’ Bass? and more!

If Classic TV Shows Took Place in 2020

SEINFELD: Jerry’s date becomes infuriated when he won’t let her get within six feet of him. George starts a protest movement to get a haircut. Elaine argues with a security guard after not maintaining proper social distance in line to buy toilet paper. Kramer sets out to prove the coronavirus is man-made by eating only genetically-modified foods.


The Man In The White Castle, Game of Scones, Dr. Whom, Comedians in Jars Getting Toffee, and more #SuckyStreamingShows on this week's trending joke game!

Six Landmark Agreements of the Miller Family

The Streaming Accord: Tara is entitled to a total of six hours of Netflix per week. She will be allowed additional Netflix consumption in the following unique circumstances: she’s in a bad mood, it’s raining, Mom and Dad are tired, she’s sick, somebody else is sick, she’s crying, people are over.

CARTOON: Ratings Gold

Did you see? Number 1 on all the networks. Today's cartoon by Tom Chitty.

The Amazon Prime Fresh Prince of Bel Air and 11 Other CoronaVirus TV Show Reboots

Stay at Home Improvement, Dr Birx, Medicine Woman, and more!

A Few Thoughts on All These Couples Self-Isolating Together and How I, a Reality TV Executive, Can’t Get a Camera Crew Across State Lines to Film Them

Think of the hundreds of hours of tearful confessional booth footage that will never be captured, never even make it to the editing room. I’m telling you, this will be our national treasure left buried. Our ark of the covenant. Our holy grail.

Truly Terrible TV Shows To Stream in Quarantine

The Marvelous Mrs. Measles, West Nile World, Black Plague Mirror, and more.

CARTOON: Binge Watching in a Pandemic

They just walked outside? Ridiculous. Today's cartoon by Jefferson Deng.


Game of Scones, Griddle House on the Prairie, Murder She Oat, Buns of Anarchy, and more #BreakfastATVshow on this week's joke game!

Other Reality Dating Shows Willfully Misinterpreting Famous Love Quotes

* “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” - Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet * Now streaming on Netflix: A Rose As Sweet! One bachelor will date twenty women named Rose. The twist: he can’t see them or talk to them. He must decide which Rose to marry -- only by smelling them.

Who Really Solves a Majority of Murders?

Mystery novelists (both big city and small town), Single women who recently inherited a business from a dead Aunt (most likely a bakery),  Sassy New Jersey bounty hunters, and more!

Anatomy of a Sketch: Derrick Comedy’s “Thomas Jefferson”

In the mid-2000s, when college sketch group videos were suddenly all over the place, Derrick Comedy easily made the best ones. Derrick was a five-person operation originally out of New York University best known for their 2009 cult classic feature Mystery Team, but they also made “Thomas Jefferson,” which is, fun fact, the greatest comedy sketch of all time. Really. 

Bachelor #244: There’s Trouble at the Mansion

It was incredible getting to know Cassie E’s family, as well as Cassie C’s and Cassidy’s. Although I didn’t get a blessing from any of the fathers, they definitely know how I feel about their daughters. Plus, I learned how to Skee-Ball!

How Cheers Characters Would Be Voting in 2020

Sam Malone (bartender/owner): Elizabeth Warren, Robin Colcord (industrialist/Grey Poupon enthusiast): Tom Steyer, Lilith Sternin (psychiatrist/professional dom): Amy Klobuchar, and more!

Good Evening: I Am Thrilled To Be Performing Long Form Improvisational Comedy For This Audience Of Captivated Decision Makers

Good Evening. Thank you for coming out tonight, and welcome to my one man show and my catastrophe of a Harold Team audition all wrapped in one catastrophic meltdown designed for you and you only, the bored entertainment industry decision makers.


'Saved by the Smell', 'Funky Brewster', 'Welcome Back, Farter' and more #StinkySitcoms on this week's joke game!

QUIZ: Real Friend or Bachelor Producer?

When you start crying because your boyfriend just dumped you, your friend: A) Comforts you and gives you an obese carton of Ben and Jerry’s banana flavored ice-cream OR B) Locks you in a room for the next five hours and asks extensive questions about how the breakup happened, how it made you feel and whether you think you’ll ever find love again while holding a big camera and videotaping the whole thing.

Other New Peloton Products To Improve Every Person In Our Lives

Peloton Noisy Chewing Volume-Lowering Kit, and more!


No spoilers! Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.

Don’t Get in a Stranger’s Van, Charlie Brown and 10 Other Rejected Peanuts TV Specials

Has Anyone Seen Charlie Brown’s Bong? Pig Pen Gets…

Least Successful TV Spin-Offs 

The Creation Myth (CBS) - Severely misreading what made The Big Bang Theory a hit with audiences, CBS executives tried to replicate that success with a sister series, which followed four pious young priests and one ditzy nun all living together in a crowded seminary. 

Here's What's Coming To Netflix

M Night Shyamalan Half-Asses It For A Quick Paycheck, Drunken Christmas Light Installation with Henry Winkler, Serial Killers In Cars Drinking Coffee and more!

The Eight Most Awesome Things About Binge-A-Derm TV, the Patch That Catches You Up on the Television You’ve Missed (Post Sponsored by Binge-A-Derm TV)

Side effects of Binge-A-Derm TV are common, but severe. They include an inability to communicate using anything other than TV references, contempt for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest episode, and nausea. Cool!


Saved By The Bellini, BoJack and Coke Horseman, Hill Street Booze and more #TVcocktails on this week's joke game!

Fall TV Preview!

America's Fuzziest Home Videos (Sundays, ABC) Home videos that seem to probably be hilarious, but that were filmed so out of focus that it's hard to tell. Adding just the right amount of wacky sound effects will probably help out quite a bit, we hope. You won't be offended at all, though, so take some degree of comfort in that. (Hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff from his home via Skype)


King of Creams, Family Pies, Berried...With Children, and more #SitcomAPie!

Modern Day Mysteries for the Scooby-Doo Gang

“The Haunted Air BnB”: It’s a Sherlock crossover episode this week as the Gang heads across the pond for a star-studded Saturday morning special! Fresh off the plane, Velma beelines to a local pub to get wifi on her smartphone, while Fred and Daphne stumble upon a string of haunted AirBnBs being investigated by none other than British national icon Sherlock Holmes. Will Fred overcome his jealousy and be able to work with Sherlock, despite seeing this chiseled, animated version of Benedict Cumberbatch shamelessly flirt with Daphne? Are the ghosts in the AirBnB paying customers, or simply squatters claiming housing rights? Seriously, how is AirBnB even legal with the limited amount of protections in place for both consumers and hosts?

Odd Instances Of Cannibalism In Modern Day Pop Culture

Hollywood Squares, broadcast episode 7/18/83- During repeated shots of Paul Lynde in the center square, the popular comedic actor is seen snacking on loose eyeballs from a small porcelain bowl.

Only 2180s Kids Will Remember These Sitcoms!

Punk E-Brewster, Newhart 2182, Benson in Space, and more!

The Prophecy Speaks Of “The One”

First, you must be willing to undergo the ritualistic Cave Beating Of Friends where we spelunk you into a cave and beat you with sticks until you can successfully name all six primary characters from the cast of Friends and the actors who played them.

Hot New Summer TV Shows!

Pillow Talk - Talk show hosted by My Pillow weirdo Michael Lindell. Not sure if this series will go beyond this first episode, which seems to actually be an intervention in disguise, as a group of Mike's friends and family members corner him in an effort to wrestle away the pillow that he's forever creepily cradling. (A&E, Wed 9pm)

SOAP OPERA UPDATE! The Soapy Scoop On All Your Favorite Shows!

The Young & Arrested- Miguel finds that his emotions are feeling a bit caged, as well as his kids. His kids are in cages as well. Olivia is worried about the secret formula that has fallen into Victor's hands, but is distracted by the fact that her offspring have been placed into cages by the American President.


Good Night Court, Snooze the Boss, Friendzzz and more #SleepySitcoms!

Back In My Day, Kids Didn’t Watch TV... No, They Played Outdoors Because They Heard A Rumor That A Dead Body Was Out By The Quarry

See, back in my day, letting children search for a dead quarry-body was (in many ways) the best education our small town had to offer. Not only did dead-body-searching teach kids crucial, all-important skills like hard work, perseverance, and how to poke a drifter with a stick.

CARTOON: Big Banged

99 year sentences. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Overheard at the Westeros Starbucks

"Is my latte still not here? What, exactly, is the holdup? It's like the Long Night in this place! I'm getting grayscale over here!"

A Midsummer’s Night Big Bang Theory

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Bazinga!

HBO's List of Totally Original, Not At All Adapted New Sitcoms

The Big Bang Theon, Castle Black-ish, Saved By Tyrell and more.

New Coachella Ticket Add-Ons

Use of trans-dimensional portal to visit Earth-2’s famous music and arts festival, Craig T Nelsonella. ($850 up charge)

Your Favorite New Midseason Replacement Shows!

Show & Cartel: Children of local drug lords show off the interesting items that they've found in the torture-room of their parents' opulent home. (AMC) and more.

Marine Corps General John Kelly Helps You Be A New and Better You in 2019

For your best 2019, call John Kelly now at the number below. I can’t make you the best you, but I think I can keep you from being the worst you, just by being around all the time.

The Grinch Can Keep Christmas This Year, I Am Tired

Every year we entertain the Grinch by playing along as he tries to ‘steal’ Christmas, but this year he can keep it–I am tired.

Other Main Characters That Should Be Killed Off

Now that we know from 'The Conner's'- killing off a main character can help ratings. It's open season.

New on Netflix: December 2018

Here's A List Of What's Coming To Netflix For December, 2018... American…

Every Show I’ve Pitched Food Network That They’ve Rejected Because They’re Cowards

Does This Taste Like It’s Gone Bad? Country Cookin’ in Cookin’ Country with Casey Cook, Lick Guy Fieri’s Earring and more.

Rejected 'Halloween' Masks

Did you know that Micheal Myers’ original mask from “Halloween” was actually just a Captain Kirk mask painted white? Believe it or not, Kirk was not the only iconic television star of the day to be considered.

Revised Major League Baseball Team Names Under The Rule Of Its New Commissioner, A Guy Who Loves Happy Days

Oakland Aaaaaaaaaas, Houston Space Fonzies, Texas Cowboy Fonzies and more.

Hallmark Halloween Movies

Pumpkin Spicy: Ryan, a nice Christian man who probably voted for Trump — but it won’t come up — always wins the town’s annual pie contest with his classic pumpkin pie. But this year he has a new adversary — Sophie. And more.

Every Known Sports Venue “Cam"

Kiss Cam you've heard of, but what about the Kiss Cam Cam? Another camera captures the guy operating the Kiss Cam, and he and his Kiss Cam camera have to kiss. It’s fun! And more.

New Programming for Fall Season: TV Mashups

Loveboat NCIS, West Wing World, Golden Girls of Gilead Got Talent and more.

Does Jim Mattis Think You’re Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and 11 Other TV Reality Shows a Post Presidency Trump Could Appear On

Who Wants to Be A Pretend Billionaire? We have a guess. Bob Woodward’s “Fear” Factor Anyone?

Upcoming Rebooted TV Shows

Everyone is out of new ideas, it seems.    In creative mediums…

Basic Cable, I have some questions.

After 19 months of winter, under self-imposed house arrest, it’s…

Possible Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Spinoffs

Writers in Winnebagos drinking wine Veterinarians on Vespas…

Weekly Humorist's Guide To Hip, Hot Mid-Season Replacement TV Shows!

Listen to this article.   Muff Divers   Trinity…

5 New Chicago Based Cable Shows

NBC Studios FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 22nd, 2018   As…

5 Takeaways from The Christmas Classic, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

Reindeer can be real a-holes. How else do you explain, “All…

11 Celebrity Dogs from TV & Film and How They Utilized Their Fame

• Benji (Benji, 1974): Worked as a canvasser for the Reagan…

All the New Cable Channels

"Comedy" Central. Reruns of all your classic shows that claim…

Too Many Talking Vehicles

Too Many Talking Vehicles was a television show in the 1980s…

The TV Beat- What To DVR Tonight!

Sandra's Café Hilarious antics ensue when Sandra and the…

Why I’m Inviting This Season’s Winner of MasterChef Junior to Read My Eulogy

Okay, first off, huge fan of the show, and please-- please, hold…

Notes to Melville (Starbuck's)

There in a stark New England room is Herman Melville: white hair,…

Most Anticipated New Reality Shows

Extreme Vetting  Join America’s most extreme veterinarian,…

What ABC Isn't Telling You About The Bachelor

More robots per episode than an entire season of Westworld. The…

What's On The DVR?

Pixar Presents Keeping Up With The CARdashians Disney's…