Best of 2022

A New Round Of Russian Sanctions

US plans to turn all five Russian Embassies into Little Caesar’s

If any NATO Leaders happen to run into Putin at the grocery store they vow to turn around and go down a different aisle and pretend like they didn’t see him

Justin Trudeau Vows To Get More Handsome

At The Annual UN potluck world leaders won’t touch Putin’s ambrosia Jell-O salad he worked really hard on

NATO’s sister alliance ‘TATO’ cuts off all spud shipments to Russia, stifling the country’s ability to produce vodka and other potato based beverages

Emmanuel Macron pledges all French citizens will be extra rude to anyone who supports the Kremlin

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences will rescind Dr Zhivago of its Best Costume Design Oscar and award it to Inside Daisy Clover

Siberia will now be called ‘Other Alaska’

The country of Georgia agrees to change their name to “New Ukraine” just to piss off Russia

The state of Georgia agrees to call themselves “New Ukraine” in solidarity

The Soviet Union planeteer will be removed from all Captain Planet episodes

The alcoholic beverages “Moscow Mule”& “White Russians” will be renamed “Kazakh Ass” and “Mustache Jeff”

All shipping containers sent to Russia will be filled with confetti & glitter so when they open them confetti & glitter will go everywhere and will make a huge mess

Rubles are now worth .000095 of a shirt button

The International Olympic Committee will recognize Yakov Smirnoff’s seminal 1994 comedy album ‘What A Country!’ as the official Russian National Anthem going forward

All copies of Anna Karenina will be replaced with Danielle Steele novels

The show ‘90 day fiancé’ will now source all its mail order brides from Uzbekistan

Anonymous releases the link to Belarusian President President Alexander Lukashenko’s OnlyFans account

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will release an NFT of him sucking on a lollipop

MGM Studios will remaster Rocky IV by digitally replacing Ivan Drago with Jar Jar Binks