A New Round Of Russian Sanctions

MGM Studios will remaster Rocky IV by digitally replacing Ivan Drago with Jar Jar Binks, Siberia will now be called 'Other Alaska', Rubles are now worth .000095 of a shirt button, and more!

Classic Children's Books Updated For Modern Times

Marjorie Taylor Greene Eggs-aggerations And Ham-Fisted Lies, House At Putin Corner, Goodnight Mood Stabilizing Meds, and more!

Trump's Mocktail Menu

KFC-Breeze: Several pieces of greasy fried chicken, stuffed clumsily into a cocktail glass or large margarita bowl. Great for occasions where a dripping bucket isn't quite fancy enough for the room.

Playground Games for Representatives and Senators at Recess

Donald Says: A variation on the classic “Simon Says” and a GOP must-play. One person pretends to be Donald Trump and says, “Donald says '[insert action here]’.”  All the players must do what Donald says. If the person doesn’t insert “Donald says” when requesting the action, those who do the action are out. The last person still in office, or not yet roasting in hellfire, wins.  

Trump’s Top 10 WWE Villains & Heros

Pence of Darkness, Jared Babyface Krusher, Mnuchin Man and more.

CARTOON: Trump Valentine

Are you tired? Because you've been Russian around my head all day. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Okay, So What Exactly Are In Those Putin Meeting Notes Stolen By Trump?

Putin had to agree to leave wrestling and McDonald’s alone before Trump would agree to dismantling America from within.

Busta Dissident And 7 Other Rapper Names For Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin wants Russia to control rap music.  So, to give…

CARTOON: Thoughts and Pears

  written by Kit Lively

Affairs of the State: Love Notes To and From Russia With and Without Love

August 10, 2015 Dear Donald, You like strong leaders. I am…

Mr. Assad, We Find This One Specific Type Of Murder Unacceptable

Dear Mr. Assad, We, the collected powers of France, the…

Other ALL CAPS Advisor Notes For Trump

In regards to Putin's reelection win,  Trump's advisors had…

Vladimir Putin's Top Campaign Promises

Vladimir Putin won re-election as Russian President  and immediately…

Red Flags That Your American Facebook Group is Probably Run by a Russian Bot

The phrases in the posts and comments aren’t quite right: You…

TRUMPO Phonetic Alphabet

The administration's defense secretary said Trump may reduce…

FOTO BOMB: ты слышишь меня сейчас?

Can you hear me now?

White House Valentine's Day Cards


Trump/Putin Rom-Coms

Four Elections and An Impeachment Donald is a brash but sensitive…

Putin's Diary

Dearest Diary, Sometimes I believe you are my only friend.…

Other Things That The Kremlin Would Like An Apology For

President Trump's interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News really…

Reality Shows of the Dictators

PUTIN YOU ON "Smile!  You're on Candid Comrade!"  The playful…

FOTO BOMB: Putin Punished

" OBAMA does not take pleasure in the spankings or the sanctions…

Trump's Other Favorite Sputnik News Stories

Donald Trump recently began citing a Kremlin funded news website…