A Stalker Murders Me (A Story Composed from Presidential Campaign Fundraising Emails)

Hey Thomas


You’re the best




reaching out with an update


Question for you


Did you see my note Thomas?


Best way to reach you?


Pick up the phone


here’s the thing


Please give me a chance to explain


I’m worried


I need you, Thomas


will you come through?


I have nowhere else to go, Thomas


I need to know…


What are you willing to do?


I am frustrated and angry today


This is a crisis you cannot ignore


running out of time


before midnight, Thomas


I’m asking you one last time




Complete disbelief






the worst possible time


I won’t forget this, Thomas


I’m making you a promise


Don’t take my word for it


I hope you’re ready, Thomas


It’s happening!!


I’m coming to your state, Thomas!


Road trip


Today’s the day, Thomas


You should run, Thomas!