Why Nikki Haley Is Only “Suspending” Her Campaign for President

While it’s quite clear that barring a drastic change, Niki Haley will not be the Republican party’s nominee for president in 2024. She still holds out some hope.

She did win Vermont.

It’s clear a lot of Republican voters want an alternative to Trump. It’s currently clear it’s “not her”. But if nobody else shows up that could always change. Right?

She’s got some free time from now until November anyhow.

She’s hoping to be VP for a third party candidate. “Cheney and Haley we’re NOT old farts and we’re actually Republicans.”

Hey, Trump is pretty old and has a lousy diet so you never know…

There’s always a chance Trump could be struck by lightning. The odds are 1 in 15,300 but still way better than her winning the nomination.

There’s always a possibility Trump could get hit by a meteor. The odds are 1 in 840,000,000 which is still better than her odds of winning the nomination.

Netflix might bribe Trump to drop out of the race with a reality show that pays way better than being president. Even if he goes to jail they could still do the show and call it “Orange guy is the new inmate.”

She is auditioning for a spot on “The View”.

She has 91 less criminal charges than Trump does. If by some miracle one of them actually lands him in jail she might then become the front runner.