At Netflix, We’re Taking Product Placement to the Next Level with New Film’s All-Beverage Cast

In Leave the World Behind, you loved hearing Julia Roberts declare out of nowhere, “There’s a Starbucks!” followed by a close-up shot of the iconic cup logo. In Nyad, you cheered as Jodie Foster held untold numbers of Diet Coke cans (always facing the wrong direction for actual drinkability but the right way for optimal camera visibility of the emblem). Now, get ready to experience product placement like never before as our new original movie, The Last Sip, stars only name-brand drinks.

Subscription price increases only bring in so much. The more screen time we give products, the more we earn. That’s why our brilliant board of directors decided to finally cut out the middle man (i.e. human actors) and showcase the real talent. Gaining more liquid from liquids, if you will.

The Last Sip, described as a psychological thriller action arthouse horror fantasy romantic dramedy character study, will feature an ensemble cast of well-known industry veterans as well as fresh-faced talent eager to make their Hollywood debuts. Here’s a taste of the star-studded lineup:

Gatorade:  Heroic, generically attractive lead with questionable taste in music

Smartwater:  Athletic and emotionally vulnerable love interest

Snapple:  Put-upon assistant/best friend

Red Bull:  Double-crossing villain who screams every line

Coors Light: Gruff but kind-hearted law enforcement officer with redemption arc

Capri Sun:  Precocious child everyone is racing to either protect or kill

Dunkin’ Iced Coffee:  Quippy tech guru

PRIME Energy: Sadistic but easily dispatched henchman

La Croix (Pamplemousse flavor):  Self-conscious artist making film within a film

Your local store-brand milk:  Nurturing mentor whose remaining (shelf) life is limited

Don’t forget to follow us on all the socials to see cast photos at the splashy, fun-filled premiere next month! Each beverage will be transported to the red carpet in individual 40-ounce Cosmo Pink Stanley Tumblers.