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The Top Romantic Comedies of 2098

Future problems: Nuclear war, A.I. domination, Emboldened gangs of cockroaches. Same issues: Finding a man for that quirky but lovable single lady!


Welcome to Greg & Jackie’s Wedding Site—Fuck Yeah!

Welcome to Greg & Jackie’s Wedding Site—Fuck Yeah! August 31 The Ceremony St. John’s Church 2 p.m. The Reception Greg’s parents’ backyard 4 p.m. ‘til the cops come The Groom Greg loves sports, tailgating, chilling with his boys, flip cup, and his family. He dropped out of college during his senior year and went on […]


Quiz: Tender Catcall Bestowed Upon Me or Michael Bolton Song?

1. How Can We Be Lovers 2. Are You Taken? 3. Murder My Heart 4. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Your Breasts 5. I Surrender 6. Can I Touch You…There? 7. Hot Love 8. I Can Tell You’ve Been Crying 9. Who Could Turn Down Those Eyes? 10. You Look Jewish…That’s a Compliment 11. […]


Reading 10,000 Books a Year is Easy—Just Do What I Do!

Listen to audiobooks to mix it up Audiobooks are the best! They’re a great way to get some reading in while you’re driving, eating, sleeping, or having sex. Okay, that last one was a joke. I haven’t touched my husband, Jeff, since they published The Da Vinci Code. I have too many books to finish! […]