The Top Romantic Comedies of 2098

Something Bartered

Thirty-something Tiffany has it all. She’s got a great job, a charming eight-by-eight bunker in Manhattan, and enough cans of Trader Joe’s Lentil Soup to keep her alive for at least another three months. There’s just one problem: It’s Valentine’s Day, and she’s single! But it seems like her luck is changing when she discovers a handsome drifter ransacking her bunker for rat carcasses. Darren the Drifter checks off all Tiffany’s boxes: cute, resourceful, alive. She gets the feeling he might agree to be her boyfriend in exchange for shelter from the Amazon Drones. Can Tiffany barter her way to true love before succumbing to the fallout?

When Harry Intubated Sally

When Sally Sanderson wakes up in a hospital bed covered in bandages, she can’t remember how she got there. Her attending physician, Dr. Harry Henley, tells her she was attacked by an angry mob of super-roaches that eventually carried her cat Roger off into the night. At first, Sally finds Dr. Henley arrogant and abrasive. But there’s just something about his dimples and the way he reattaches her thumbs. Dr. Henley feels the same spark, but he’s already engaged to marry a trio of fertile sister wives! Together, Harry and Sally must decide what’s more important: true love or propagating the human race.

While You Were Quarantined  

Jeremy Jenner is the most eligible bachelor in Los Angeles, with a net worth of one billion rat carcasses. He’s also a notorious playboy, having slept with nearly all 16 women remaining after the second nuclear fallout. When he contracts an unknown virus, he’s forced into quarantine under the care of Susie Sutton, a voluptuous volunteer nurse whose head is always in the radioactive clouds. While handling a sample of the virus, she trips, falls, and infects herself. Now, they’re both stuck in quarantine! Susie is determined to use this time to find a way into Jeremy’s rapidly enlarging heart. But can she do it before the virus ravages both of their bodies?

Forgetting Sarah During Martial Law

Sam is nursing a broken heart after a painful split with his college girlfriend, Sarah. He was ready to pop the question, but she wanted space to focus on her hand-to-hand combat training. Moving on becomes even harder with the declaration of Martial Law. Between the 5 p.m. curfews and Amazon Drones patrolling the city, there’s nothing for Sam to do but search for fleshy woodland creatures to eat while trying to forget about Sarah. After 47 days of restricted food and a lot of vivid hallucinations, Sam realizes what he needs to do: mobilize the remaining survivors and choreograph an intricate flash mob to win Sarah back.

He’s Just Not That into You Because He’s an Android

It’s the end of humanity, and six vaguely connected women all find themselves single. There just aren’t any good men left! Really. They all died. But rumor has it Amazon’s newest line of Androids are boyishly handsome and more docile than ever. They say rat carcasses can’t buy love, but spinsters can’t be choosers! Can these gals woo their unfeeling bots and avoid dying alone?