Black Magic Friday’s Best Deals, Steals & Spells!!!

Sell your soul before 12/31/22 and receive a free glow-in-the-dark Mariah Carey fanny pack.

Vial of sacrificial virgin’s tears from an actual cute virgin, and not from someone who just couldn’t get laid.

All demon-conjuring kits include a free smoke detector.

All inverted cross actually prepared as inverted, and not just normal crosses that we turned upside down.

Buy one get one free electronic air-fresheners specifically designed to eliminate the aroma of sulfur and seared flesh.

Purchase more than three slices of the Antichrist’s umbilical cord and receive a free limited edition display case and free $50 AMC theatre gift card.

Free quart of goat / human hybrid blood with any pentagram stenciling kit.

Buy more than one jar of fingernails clipped from a witch’s hand just prior to being burnt at the stake, and receive a free 2023 Six Flags season pass.

Buy any human-sacrifice kit and received a $25 gift card for any carpet cleaning service.

Contribute $75 to the 2024 Trump campaign for only $15!!