Classic Romantic Comedies If They Were Set In Present Day

harrymetsally-movieposter.com1. When Harry Met Sally


Instead of it taking Harry and Sally ten years of dating and getting over each others ex’s and randomly bumping into one another, the movie would instead take place over only a few weeks when they both saw each other on Tinder.


2. You’ve Got Mail

Kathleen would have immediately run to Facebook and tracked down who the anonymous emails all came from and put it together that it was the very guy trying to shut down her store. Dave Chapelle would still be speaking the same way though.



3. The Devil Wears Prada

Andy Sachs would have (and should have) left Nate for her career. He’s a sous chef at a restaurant and she works for a huge magazine. There is no way that relationship would have made more sense than her career plans.



4. Say Anything

Lloyd Dobler would have been arrested halfway through the movie for trespassing and for harassment when he continued to show up at Diane Court’s house night after night.



5. Pretty Woman

Edward Lewis would have been seen harboring a known prostitute and arrested.



6. Manhattan

She’s a child. Does this one really need to be explained any further?