Episode Descriptions from Netflix’s All-New Real-Time Reality Show: Escape/Room

Two couples attempt to complete an escape room. While the timer counts down, they search for clues and make discoveries about themselves.  We explore one hour of time in thirteen hours of gripping drama and revolutionary storytelling.

Episode 1. Release of Liberation and Liability
Synopsis: Newlyweds Greg and Lauren meet Chris and Emily for a fun night out. Chris, the recent victim of identity theft, still suffers from consumer anxiety. Meanwhile, Nicole, the eccentric store-owner, collects their waivers. But what is her end game? (47 m)

Episode 2. 60 Minutes to Deliverance.

Synopsis: A 7-minute video of the rules provides more questions than answers. We flash back to Chris and Emily’s fight that morning over changing the Wi-Fi password. Will this undermine their progress – before they even begin? (51 m)

Episode 3. Effect and Cause.

Synopsis: The first 5 minutes of the game are examined (and re-examined) from multiple perspectives…including those not involved. (49 m)

Episode 4. $pecial Ch@racters

Synopsis: During the next 10 minutes, Lauren plots a strategy while Chris pretends to be reading. Elsewhere, Emily and Greg bond as they search for dominos. Emily confides that she wants to keep the secure default Wi-Fi password but Chris does not. Can Greg propose a solution that uses letters, numbers AND special characters? (55 m)


Episode 5. 7ddp75e4nh7us9!

Synopsis: While Emily fumbles with the padlock combination she comes under attack from a frustrated Chris. Do Emily’s struggles validate Chris’ opinion that a simple Wi-Fi password like “Admin1234” is good enough? Emily reminds Chris his identity was recently stolen, which triggers his anxiety. Lauren and Greg observe in silence for 10 minutes. (51 m)


Episode 6. Algebra III

Synopsis: As Lauren lists permutations of 4, 2, 1, and 0, we flash back to her formative years and her High School Math teacher. What is their relationship? And is this retroactive continuity even necessary? Guest Star: Jon Hamm (47 m)

Episode 7. Time Interrupted

Synopsis: The episode begins in medias res. The team is in a different room solving different riddles. When did this transpire? Eventually we reveal that 5 minutes prior, they found a trap door in a closet. But this too is in medias res and we return to Lauren completing her permutation. The timeline has been needlessly complicated, but with seven episodes to go, we know you will see it out. (50 m)


Episode 8. Strangers From the Present

Synopsis: With the unearthing of a second room, the search for clues begins again. Greg faces his greatest challenge yet, or is it merely mise en ambye? Is the second room a daydream? Only 25 minutes remain, so the team asks Nicole for a clue. I bet you forgot about Nicole, but we haven’t. (49 m)


Episode 9. The East Penrose Industrial Park.

Synopsis: The narrative is once again fractured as Nicole from the first episode’s past is explored as both a caring mother, and an outcast with a fascination for the occult. We occasionally cut to a staffing agency in a 1980’s industrial park. As we explore the genesis of this Escape Room, we witness the convergence of three journeys becoming one. (53m)


Episode 10. The Myth of Sisyphus

Synopsis: Greg continues to move a ball through a maze with a magnet. (57 m)


Episode 11. Enter Salvation.

Synopsis: With 15 minutes to spare, an unlikely hero steps forward when a word game stalls the team. We are introduced to the building’s janitor, Steven, by flashbacks. Or are they flash-forwards? Regardless, the unlikely hero is not Steven. (48 m)


Episode 12. • •••• -•-• •- •–• •

Synopsis: An exhausted Greg has an epiphany. Perhaps the answer lies in the title of this episode? A riddle hidden in a show about riddles. This is the pinnacle of transmedia storytelling. We already have your monthly subscription fee, so take all the time you need. (65 m + time spent decoding title)

Episode 13. Pilot.

Synopsis: A week later, the two couples reminisce about their experience and address unresolved issues in their personal lives. Has this entire series been a frame narrative for what’s to come? The final seconds of the escape are dramatically revealed…or are they? (48 m)