Rejected Netflix Dahmer Series Promotional Materials

The Netflix show Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has proven to be a huge hit for the network; but some viewers have found the show’s tone to be a bit insensitive and exploitative.    Okay, sure, maybe.    But giving credit where credit is due, at least they decided to refrain from releasing these horrid promotional items….


Jeffrey Dahmer:  You Are Who You Eat cookbook

Malibu Dahmer’s Dream Beach House (cookware sold separately).

If You Can Read This, Jeffrey Dahmer Didn’t Eat Your Eyeballs bumper sticker.

Full-size human skull key ring.

Mouse-pad made partially of dried and cured human skin.

McDonald’s Dahmer Character Collectibles:   They Look Good Enough To Eat!

PBS Finding Your Roots:  The Ultimate Family Dinner.

iPhone protective case made from the teeth of nameless drifters.

Drink coasters that soak up lots of water, soda, or… um, y’know… other types of viscous liquids.

Dahmer soundtrack , featuring American Meat Pie, Dixie Chicken, Pour Some Sugar On Me, and more!!

Stay Calm And Dahmer t-shirt.

Scrote-Tote Bags, made from 60 % genuine scrotum.

Beyond Meat-  “Tastes So Real It Could’ve Fooled Dahmer!”

Dahmer’s vegetarian surprise recipe (made totally from a vegetarian).

The Perfect Blend Is Coffee And Friends coffee mug.

Bed, Bath & The Great Beyond Dahmer Brand Cutlery

El Jeffy Peanut Butter & Julie

Face-mask that not only protects from viruses, but also the smells of decomposing flesh.