Streaming And Screaming!

Halloween Died Of Natural Causes-  Halloween Kills hasn’t even been released yet, and already we have this next installment of the popular slasher series.    Amazing!    Halloween Died Of Natural Causes finds the evil and supernatural yet very elderly Michael Myers recuperating from his latest spree at the Haddonfield Senior Living Community.     Down but not out, Michael continues his reign of terror by boring others to death with stories of his grandkids and “… how killing used to be, back when things weren’t so darn complicated…”.     I just got chills!!   (Oct 15, Peacock)

American Hoarder Story-  A sadistic gang of murderous cult-members plan a home invasion, but their intended victim is a hoarder with an extremely foul and unkempt home, so they freak out and quickly leave.    (Oct 11, A&E)

Texas Inane-Law Massacre-  A group of teens in a beat-up van travel the back roads of Texas, unsure of where to safely get an abortion.     They soon encounter a bizarre backwoods family, who are only too happy to perform the requested service.    Sadly, the tools and methods used by the family are unhygienic and outdated, and all of the teen girls die due to complications from the procedure.   (Oct. 17, Lifetime)

Escape Room 3:  Rise Of The Terrordome-  A group of strangers are abducted by a malevolent organization and placed into a series of increasingly dangerous escape rooms.    The strangers, after thinking about it for a bit, realize that this situation is much better than how things are out in the real world, and so decide to simply stay put.  (Oct 20, HBO Max)

Tired Of Chucky-  Following the lukewarm response to the films Curse Of Chucky and Cult Of Chucky, the filmmakers have hastily cobbled together this latest sequel, Tired Of Chucky.    Fearing that even the most ardent of horror movie fans are quickly losing interest in the murderous doll, they task themselves with coming up with one more last cash-grab.    Will they make it in time?   Very tense, edge-of-your-seat stuff, and not recommended for the faint of heart.    (Oct. 16th, SyFy)

The Haunting Of Hilary House-  In this terrifying exercise in self-reflection and the examination of one’s life, the former senator and Secretary Of State shuffles aimlessly throughout her dimly lit home, haunted by a life filled with scandal, regret and defeat in the most public of forums.    The Washington Post says “White-knuckle terrifying.  Kept me up several nights, even Ambien was no help.”   (Oct 12, CNN)