Best of 2023

Failed Pitches From The Guy Who Invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Highly Flammable Cheetos

A Hint of Danger Cheetos

Cheetos “That Burn You”

Flamin’ Hot Brie Cheese

Exhaustive Temperature Bagel Bites

Too Hot For Your Hands Pizza Rolls

Twinkies Baked In Fire

Excruciatin’ly Burned Munchies

Boilin’ Hot Mountain Dew

Intolerably Heated Yam Crisps

Distressin’ly Pungent Chili Chips

Loudly Warm Funyuns

Agonizin’ly Mild Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Surprisin’ly Moist Cheetos

Soppin Wet Doritos

Uncomfortably Dry Sour Patch Kids

Alarmin’ly Flat Cheetos

Fur flavored Ruffles

Pepsi flavored Coke

Hot Butter Pecan Surge

Hot Butter Pecan Slim Jims

Confusin’ly Bland Reese’s Pieces

Highly Seasoned Bubble Yum

Irritatin’ly Sweet Doritos

Werther’s Original Tostitos

Weirdly Cozy Soup

Mozzarella Sticks (but spicy)