French Kiss 2: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Lost in Italy

After the inaugural meeting for the G7 Summit, young and lithe politicians Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron steal away to a private garden in Taormina, Sicily to have a more intimate conversation.

(The dialogue that follows is spoken in french, aka the language of love).

Macron: I wasn’t sure you’d come. I know how afraid you are of flying.

Trudeau: I had to risk it. To see you.

Macron bows his head to conceal a blush and slight smile.

Macron (clearing his throat): So, uh, Trump’s probably going to throw a giant wrench into our International policy plans, huh?

Trudeau: I don’t want to talk about Tangerine Spray Tan right now. (Beat) You look…incredible.

Macron (openly blushing now): I’ve been doing those power yoga videos you’ve been sending me.

Trudeau: Well, they’re really working for you.

The two athletic, affable young men walk for a bit in silence. Then pause underneath a blossoming bush. Trudeau tries to take Macron’s hand.

Macron: We can’t. There are eyes everywhere.

Trudeau: I don’t care.

Macron: Well I do! You may feel safe in your position of power, but I just became President of France! What would people say if they found out?

Trudeau looks beaten. He takes a step back.

Trudeau: What were all those late-night phone calls about then, huh? Are you telling me all you care about is climate change and the economic fallout of Brexit?

Macron: They’re huge problems!

Trudeau: Is that all you care about?

Macron: Yes! No! I don’t…

Macron eyes a secret service agent nearing them, and pulls Trudeau towards a landing overlooking the ocean.

Trudeau: I’m not going anywhere, Em. We have to work together on the refugee crisis. You’re going to have to confront your true feelings eventually.

Macron: I know. It’s just…things are going well with Brigitte right now, and I-

Trudeau: The cougar can’t keep up with you, Em and you know it.

Macron: Don’t call her that!

Trudeau: I’m sorry. I just…I thought you’d be happy to see me.

Beat. Macron considers being honest.

Macron: I am happy to see you. I just can’t pull a Bill Clinton this soon into my presidency.

Trudeau: It’s not the same.

Macron: It’s kind of the same.

Trudeau: I think people would be shocked at first, then ultimately thrilled that two young, ambitious politicians got together. (Trudeau notices his press person coming up behind him). On issues both abroad and on the local level.

Macron notices the press person as well, but decides to be bold anyway.

Macron: I agree. But I need to settle things at home in my country first before I can commit to any international partnerships.

Trudeau: I understand. In the meantime though, take this.

Trudeau undoes his Canadian flag pin from his lapel and offers it to Macron.

Trudeau: I know you can’t wear it, but keep it in your pocket, won’t you? That way you’ll have a little piece of me with you wherever you go.

Macron: Won’t people wonder what happened to yours?

Trudeau: I have others.

Macron hesitates for a moment, then grabs the pin and puts it in his pocket.

Macron: We should get back.

Trudeau: Yeah.

Macron: Sit next to me at the next roundtable discussion?

Trudeau: I thought you’d never ask.

The two men walk towards the Summit side-by-side, but not too close to one another. For a moment their hands brush, and Macron looks briefly up at Trudeau’s powerful jawline and piercing blue eyes. He brushes the flowering bush passionately as they make their way back.