Horror Movie Sequels Inspired By The Trump Era

Friday the 20th: Jason becomes President

Invasion of the Pussy Grabbers

The English Language Massacre

An American Moron in London

Alien vs Creditor: Tax Returns

Shallow Queen II: The Curse of Melania Trump

The Unfair Witchhunt Project

Creature from the Fat Buffoon

Shaun Spicer of the Dead

Abnormal Activity: The Oval Office

The Curse of the Dummy

Dr. Meddle and Mr. Lied

Tales from the Swamp

Night of the Living Pumpkinhead

Trick ‘r Tweet

Kremlin’s 2: The New Bitch

The Bone Spur Snatcher

The Slide of Rosenstein

The Fling

The Sixth Pence

The Big Brain Eaters

Alien: Caravan


The Last White House on the Alt-Right

Psycho XLV