Thanks For Cooking, I’ll Do The Dishes

Don’t worry about germs, the hot water will kill most of the bacteria. No hot water at the cottage? No problem-o, the dish soap will do the heavy lifting. Salmonella? Come on, everyone knows you can only get that from salmon.

Mission Impossible Movie or Improv Troupe?

It’s not clear if or how anyone’s getting paid. It’s a lot of white guys and one woman. The group believes what they are doing is saving the world. And more!

Classic Children's Books Updated for Our Time

Cloudy with a Chance of Lab-Grown Meatballs, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day of Meetings That Could Have Been Emails, And more!

HBO Highlights Its Very Original, Very Unique Content

Rich People Being Absolute Lunatics, Iconic Show From The 90’s, Epic Fantasy Show That Costs A Trillion Dollars, and more!

Talkward w/ guest Tom McCaffrey

Stand-up comic and author Tom McCaffrey stops by Talkward to chat about his new debut novel 'Born Funny' which tells the tale of the rise of alt comedy through the eyes of a fictionalized version of himself.

Talkward w/ guest Sean Conroy

This episode of Talkward comedy writer, teacher, actor, UCB improv, standup comedy performer and all around nice person Sean Conroy chats about his comedy career in stage, TV and podcasting. From networks like Adult Swim,Comedy Central, Seeso, MTV, Spike TV, UPN, NBC and ABC. He was Head Writer and Executive Producer on the amazingly funny shows Mr. Pickles and Gentlemen Lobsters. Listen to his weekly podcast The Long Shot. Visit

Talkward w/ guests Aaron Augenblick & Katie Wendt

Comedy animation creators Aaron Augenblick and Katie Wendt discuss the wonderfully funny and smart new show 'City Island' on PBSKids. Augenblick Studios has been a trailblazing studio in the world of adult animation with hits like Ugly Americans, The Jellies, Wonder Showzen, Superjail, Death Hacks, and Shorties Watching Shorties- now through the new Future Brain Media, they are making waves in the world of kids animation! Watch 'City Island' at and see all the projects at

Shocking Truths of the Cereal Mascots

Toucan Sam hasn’t paid his taxes in 30 years. The Raisin Bran sun cyber-bullies his daughter’s classmates. Cap’n Crunch only ever took to the sea to avoid a manslaughter charge in Virginia. And more!

REVIEW: The Disastrous Dating Life Of Diane Damone

The basic rom-com set-up of "woman with a less-than-satisfactory dating history going on a series of romantic misadventures" is given a fresh coat of paint by some very funny writing, and by Brittany herself, who is as funny as she is charming and likable (which is to say, very).

BOOK EXCERPT: Eating Salad Drunk

You can always tell / Who went to Catholic school / They are atheists. —MIKE BIRBIGLIA This and more haikus from comedy greats in the new book 'Eating Salad Drunk' compiled by Gabe Henry with illustrations by Emily Flake!

Talkward w/ guest Ivan Ehlers

This episode welcomes cartoonist and comedy writer Ivan Ehlers! Ivan has been a regular in The New Yorker, MAD Magazine, Weekly Humorist, LA Times and others. His first series 'Dee Dee Sawyer Ghoul Destroyer' is available now on Webtoons. See all his work at

Upcoming Family Interventions

Uncle Frank: We’ve survived three Trump Thanksgivings. What we cannot stand for is you now finding God. Location: If you get vaccinated, your favorite restaurant.

Talkward w/ guest Haley McGee

This episode's guest is author and comedy performer Haley McGee! We have a wonderful chat about dating and the value of the gifts from an ex. Her new book, 'The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale' is out now. Check it out!

The Cartoon Pad Live Show

The pad goes LIVE to answer cartoon questions. Bob discusses cartoon tropes and Shaw balances a cat on his neck. You won't want to miss this one.

Talkward w/ guest Jen Spyra

This episode welcomes the very funny comedy writer, author, and voice over artist Jen Spyra! We chat all about her time writing at The Onion, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she is also the announcer! Her new book 'Big Time' is out now from Penguin Random House. It's SO FUNNY! Buy it today!

CARTOON: Witched Guest

podCAST a spell? Today's cartoon by Jeremy Nguyen.

How to Deal With Rejection Like a Professional

Make rejection your brand and try to monetize that somehow. Reflect on the fact that others who have found great success are significantly younger or older than you... but no one is exactly your age. Consult an attorney about suing for some kind of age discrimination. Scream into the void. And more!


A pioneer of alternative comedy and star of numerous Generation X cultural touchstones, Janeane Garofalo possessed a voice for the ages. Literally and metaphorically the voice of a generation, her sarcastic, vulnerable, over it, and overwhelmed timbre was so definitive to the ‘90s that a lot of people thought she provided the voice of Daria on Daria. She didn’t, but more than two decades removed from her zeitgeist-defining days, Garofalo finally gives voice to an animated version of her persona in the form of Debora, the protagonist and focus of Lava, a futuristic movie about present-day themes.

REVIEW: Rory Scovel's Live Without Fear: We Love Live Fear

And if you’re as only good as your last joke, then stepping onto a stage with no material written certainly induces fear. Which is exactly what makes Live Without Fear so good: we’re seeing both a product and a process. 

Why I, President Jimmy Carter, Am Considering Suing Hee Haw

The show’s animated mascot is a braying donkey. I am a praying member of the donkey party. I trust you all recognize this obvious attempt to make me look like a dopey cartoon.


The Great Gagsby, Brave New Hurl, Stephen King’s VomIT, and more #BarfyBooks on this week's trending joke game!

Moments from Post-Presidential Comedy Careers

John F. Kennedy: Seinfeld-type Comic: Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what’s the deal with the Bay of Pigs? 

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is comic and producer Brittany Brave! She has a great new web series coming out and a weekly Friday stand-up show that's virtual, so you can enjoy it in your underwear! See all her upcoming events at

EXCLUSIVE! "The Shout Out" Quarantine Comedy Short Filmed Entirely on Phones in Lockdown Premieres!

A Reality Star joins Cameo during quarantine and has a meltdown while recording a birthday message for a fan.


The Northern Card, aka the Mockingturd, spends its days pecking out puns, forced metaphors, and other desperate attempts to make light of the End Times. Call (repeated hourly): “Pleeeeez go viral.”


Burger Kings of Leon, Uncle Cracker Barrel, Maroon 5 Guys, and more #RockBandRestaurants on this week's trending joke game!


Rots Landing, Falcon Crust, The Mold and the Beautiful, and more #StinkySoapOperas on this week's trending joke game!

What Do You Mean I Didn’t Go On A Quick Ice Cream Run, But Have Actually Been Missing For Five Days?

Why have the police set up a command center on top of my Spiderman air hockey table?  No, I did not know a gravelly voice identifying himself only as The Sandman was calling every thirteen minutes. And I had no idea he was threatening my life if you didn’t acquiesce to his demand for a sculpture in his likeness made of gypsum sand and the blood of virgin stallions. Marianne, it was probably just some kid yanking your crank.      

Excerpt From 'Passable in Pink' The Novelization

The opening chords for the classic Beatles version of “Twist and Shout” could not be heard but Grimer began to sing along anyway, swaying and sashaying, all cute and delightful, motioning to the hundreds of businessmen glancing out their high rise office windows, including a certain advertising copywriter who did a doubletake when he saw a girl who looked exactly like his daughter, which was all but impossible, as she was still in school, she never skipped!


Weekly Humorist News Briefs: Breaking News, Into Little Pieces.

Evergreen Satire Headline Generator

Evergreen satire is hard! Use your birthday below to create a headline for your very own evergreen satire piece now! Then BAM- You’ve got the perfect evergreen headline! Now all you have to do is write the piece, submit it, and wait for the rejections to come pouring in!

NEWS BRIEFS: 100% of All Home-Schooled Teens "Very Likely" to Masturbate During Lunch.

Weekly Humorist News Briefs. Breaking News, Into Little Pieces.

Talkward w/ guest Jason Chatfield

This episode of Talkward welcomes back cartoonist, stand-up comic, and actor Jason Chatfield! Jason is the president of The National Cartoonists Society, and a contributor in The New Yorker. We discuss cartooning, Tom Richmond, Mort Drucker, Jason's drawing diary during his bout with Covid-19 and even the 'Murder, She Wrote' episode that uses The Reuben Award as a murder weapon!

90s Movie Plot Points Adjusted for 2020

Titanic: The ill-fated ship never ends up sailing because, well, COVID. Jack ended up just hanging out in Southampton continuing to make each day count, and playing card games that allowed him to maintain a safe social distance. Rose of course ends up married to Cal, but not without building a really impressive Pinterest board of wedding ideas first! It made for a really boring movie, but the ending is now unbelievably happy. 1,500 people got to live, and the marriage between Billy Zane and Kate Winslet produced some ridiculously good-looking children.


McRibbed For Her Pleasure, Side Chick-fil-A, Legg McMuffin, and more #FlirtyFastFood on this week's trending joke game!

Signs That the Person You’re Dating Is Secretly an Identical Twin

Before you Google whether or not that last sentence is true, please skim the below exhaustive list of red flags that the person you’ve been coupled with is actually a couple in and of themselves —i.e. a duo of secret twins masquerading as one. You never know until it’s too late!

Warmups For The Improv Class You Enrolled In During A Pandemic

Zip-Zap-Zoom: It’s like Zip-Zap-Zop, but nobody knows who you just passed the energy to because you’re on a Zoom call. 

Five Things That Are ‘6 Feet!’ (The Ultimate Guide to Help With Social Distancing)

You and your imaginary friend lying on the floor with your heads touching. (Make sure your imaginary friend is at least three inches). Need to adjust based on height.

Gluten-Free John Hughes Movies

Planes, Trains and Autoimmune Disorders Preventing the Enjoyment of Regular Breads and Cakes


'Blouse Trap', 'Go Fist', 'Sorry, Wrong Hole'. Oh my, things got adult and we trended with #NaughtyBoardGames on this week's joke game!

Anatomy of a Sketch: Derrick Comedy’s “Thomas Jefferson”

In the mid-2000s, when college sketch group videos were suddenly all over the place, Derrick Comedy easily made the best ones. Derrick was a five-person operation originally out of New York University best known for their 2009 cult classic feature Mystery Team, but they also made “Thomas Jefferson,” which is, fun fact, the greatest comedy sketch of all time. Really. 

Good Evening: I Am Thrilled To Be Performing Long Form Improvisational Comedy For This Audience Of Captivated Decision Makers

Good Evening. Thank you for coming out tonight, and welcome to my one man show and my catastrophe of a Harold Team audition all wrapped in one catastrophic meltdown designed for you and you only, the bored entertainment industry decision makers.

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is comedy person Brittany Brave! Brittany does stand-up, improv, produces shows all over NYC and has recently started Violently Funny, a podcast and live show that shines a light on domestic violence. We discuss her comedy, getting older, meeting Robert De Niro while having a mouthful of peanut M&Ms and terrible TV. Go see her show 1/31 at Caveat!

Moscow Mitch In Soviet America

“In America, women have rights over their wombs. In Soviet America, women have rights as long as they are still in the womb!”

Talkward w/ guest James Folta

This spooky Halloween episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and performer James Folta! James writes for The New Yorker, McSweeney's , Weekly Humorist and is the Managing Editor of Points In Case. James also is a co-founder of The Satire and Humor Festival which is in NYC in March but just announced a pop-up weekend in Chicago in November! Check it out here and go! We discuss Halloween costumes, writing, book publishing and James' current projects in writing and pitching new narrative humor podcasts.  Also, who knew how bad at math we both are! Jokes! James also teaches humor and parody. Follow him on twitter @JamesFolta and we'll see you at the festival!

Talkward w/ guests Michael Bleicher & Andy Newton

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writers and authors Michael Bleicher and Andy Newton! The humor writing duo has been published in McSweeney's, Points In Case, Crack The Spine and Weekly Humorist. They discuss their writing process, the power of Google Docs, and the state of the world. Their debut novel "From the Campaign Trail or Thereabouts" a satirical road trip comedy taking place during the events of the 2016 election is on sale now from imprint Humorist Books.


Haunted Forest Ham, Ghost Beef, Pastrami on Eye and more #SpookySandwiches on this weeks joke game!


'How To Lose A Pie In 10 Days', 'Dove, Actually', '50 first cakes', and more #RomComDesserts!

Are you a Marx Brother or Mark’s Brother?

Marx Brother: Your family is known for its vaudeville comedy acts. Mark’s Brother: Your family is known for not taking down their Christmas lights.

Only 2180s Kids Will Remember These Sitcoms!

Punk E-Brewster, Newhart 2182, Benson in Space, and more!

Talkward w/ guest Jessica Delfino

Today on Talkward is musical comedy extraordinaire Jessica Delfino! Jessica is a critically acclaimed and award winning comedic musician who has performed her quirky comedy songs all over the world. She launched the New York Comedy Music Festival (first called the Funny Songs festival) in 2012. We discuss her newest album ‘Songs To make War to (14 Anarchist Anthems for the Whole Family)’ Botnik Studios, Mom Comedy shows and she reads host Marty Dundics with her 40% accurate Psychic powers!

Talkward w/ guest Mike Sacks

This episode of Talkward welcomes the very talented comedy author Mike Sacks! We discuss comedy, his journey and how people keep mistaking him for Jon Hamm.

Talkward w/ guest Eric D'Alessandro

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedian and actor Eric D'Alessandro! Eric has a commanding internet following across multiple platforms where he has leveraged digital media reach to drastically grow his fan base. His short videos get an average of 50 thousand views each, which helps him sell out shows and land acting roles.

Talkward w/ guest Jeffrey Gurian

This episode of Talkward welcomes NYC comedy legend, Jeffrey Gurian. If you don't know Jeffrey, then you aren't a NY comedy person, so get in the know! He's written, performed, produced comedy with so many huge names like Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Amy Poehler, and Seth Rogen. Learn all about him and his new book!

Talkward w/ guest Claire Parker

Today on Talkward is the lovely and funny Claire Parker! Claire is an NYC based stand-up comic, actress and frequent guest on You Up w/ Nikki Glaser on Sirius/XM Comedy Central Radio.


Shittles, Gummy Sperms, Sweetfarts and more #KnockOffCandy in our comedy hashtag game!

Talkward w/ guest Jason Chatfield

Today on Talkward is cartoonist and stand-up comic Jason Chatfield! Jason is an award winning cartoonist who draws the worldwide daily strip Ginger Meggs, cartoons for The New Yorker and MAD Magazine and also has a popular podcast called Is There Something In This? Follow him @jasonchatfield and his website is

Talkward w/ guest Mia Mercado

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and delightful Midwesterner Mia Mercado! Mia writes regularly for The New Yorker, McSweeney's, The Belladonna and Weekly Humorist. During our chat she reveals an exclusive announcement about her new book deal, her writing process habits - one of which includes being in a cafe, wearing headphones, listening to ambient sounds of...a cafe and more!

Talkward w/ guest Courtney Kocak

Today on Talkward is comedy writer and super star sex and dating podcast host Courtney Kocak! Courtney hosts the 'Reality Bytes' podcast- tune in every week for real talk about sex, love, relationships & dating in the digital age. We discuss having your gentiles molded in custom sex toys, her new experiences in standup comedy and being a writer for Amazon's Danger & Eggs!

Talkward w/ guest Jeff Kreisler

Today on Talkward is author, comedy writer, behavior expert and…

Talkward w/ guest Brooke Preston

Today on Talkward is super special guest Brooke Preston! Brooke is a comedy writer, author and co-founder of the satire comedy website The Belladonna! Her new book ‘New Erotica For Feminists: Satirical Fantasies of Love, Lust & Equal Pay’ is in bookstores now! We learn all about Brookes early years working at Planet Hollywood in Times Square in NYC, her comedy influences and when she got to walk Justin Timberlake to the men’s room.

Talkward w/ guest Kerryn Feehan

Today on Talkward is guest Kerryn Feehan! Kerryn is a comedian, writer, actor, model and comedy development extraordinaire! She produces and hosts a long running monthly show called Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! (It's first Sundays of the month! Get tickets here) Kerryn has many, many cringeworthy stories.

Talkward w/ guest Jason Kanter

Today on Talkward is comedian Jason Kanter! Jason performs all over the USA and also gets TV acting roles where he's been pigeon-holed as a skinhead more often then not.

Talkward w/ guest SallyAnn Hall

Today on Talkward is comedian SallyAnn Hall! She is the most recent winner of both the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival and the She Devil Comedy Festival. SallyAnn hails from Alaska, sings at Duets piano bar and is a regular on the NYC standup comedy scene.

Talkward w/ guest Lillian Stone

Today on Talkward is guest Lillian Stone! Lillian is a comedy…

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is guest Brittany Brave! Brittany is a stand-up…

Talkward w/ guest Tom McCaffrey

This episode of Talkward welcomes humor writer and standup comic Tom McCaffrey! Tom has been on Comedy Central, Hulu and has a movie 'Adventures In Comedy' available on Amazon!

Talkward w/ guest Tyler Gildin

This episode of Talkward welcomes guest Tyler Gildin! Tyler is…

Talkward w/ guest Ginny Hogan

Today on Talkward is comedy writer and stand-up comic Ginny Hogan!…

Talkward w/ guest Jonathan Zeller

This episode of Talkward welcomes comedy writer and performer…

Comedian Kills Half His Elderly Audience With Great Joke

RIVERDALE, New York – All comedians like to be told they “killed”…

Talkward w/ guest Jon Daly

This episode of Talkward has comedy writer Jon Daly. No, not…

Talkward w/ guest Adam Mamawala

This episode of Talkward welcomes comic Adam Mamawala! His new…

Talkward w/guest Andrew Collin

This episode of Talkward welcomes guest Andrew Collin! Andrew…

Talkward w/ guest Keenan Steiner

This episode on Talkward guest Keenan Steiner discusses comedy,…

Baby New Year's Roast Of Father Time, 2017

Woo!   Hey everybody, how's it going?    I have to say... …

Willie Wanking and the Chocolate Factory And 9 Other Examples Of Louis CK’s Favorite Things

Star Wars Character Hands Solo TV Show Masturbating…

Talkward w/ guest David Martin

Today on Talkward is comedy storytelling host and performer…

Talkward w/ guest Bridget Fitzgerald

In this episode of Talkward, actress, comedian, and model…

Talkward w/ guest Kevin McCaffrey

Today on Talkward is guest comic Kevin McCaffrey! Kevin is…

Talkward w/ guest Wendi Staring

Talkwards first guest is comic Wendi Starling. Her popular monthly…

Fall Movie Preview

It's fall, time to wave goodbye to the people shooting at you…