New Details Following The Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview…

Members of Trump’s organization threatened Stormy following the affair, saying things like “We’ll tell people that you had sex with Donald Trump.   People will know that you had sex with Donald Trump.   Can you imagine how that will lower their opinion of you?   They’ll think that you’re really gross!   And you’re already a porno actress, so that’s really saying something.”

What she initially thought to be some very hip and trendy body modification art turned out to be a colostomy bag scar.

She doesn’t regret the affair with Trump.    But she also doesn’t regret having a butthole the size of a tennis ball, so take that for what you will.

She believed that Trump was attempting to be kinky by wearing diapers, but as it turned out he wears diapers at all times regardless.

“Draining the swamp” is originally what Trump referred to Stormy douching prior to intercourse.

Trump’s rambling, incoherent speeches are proof that he had sex with Stormy, re the stage five syphilis eating away at his brain.

Stormy didn’t realize that Trump was married at the time, and in fact believed Melania to be a mannequin standing in Trump’s living room.

Trump didn’t wear a condom, mostly due to the fact that the gallons of tanning spray that he’s been coating himself with for years had recently rendered him sterile.

According to her rep at Vivid Entertainment, the Trump / Stormy coupling was a top-rated pay-per-view event in Hell.

It was a very fortunate coincidence that Trump enjoys being vomited upon during sexual activity.