Other Trumped Versions Of Headlines That Criticize His Actions

After seeing this POLITICO article: Trump tries his hand at rewriting Washington Post headline. We thought, what other recent headline might be ‘Trumped’ into sounding a bit more favorable…

“Pussy Pressed Onto Hand Of Trump Without Prior Consent”

“Maniacal, Dwarfish North Korean Leader Provokes Cool-Headed Trump”

“Heavy Chested Actress Fantasizes About Affair That Never Happened With Dreamy Leader Of Free World”

“Goliath-Esque Mueller Preys Upon David-Like Defender Of The Common Man, Awesome Trump”

“Crooked Hillary Plans Lavish Pancake Breakfast For KGB”

“Heroic Trump Stands Up To Traitorous FBI Bullies”

“Grateful Wife Trusts And Believes Fidelity Of Handsome, Popular President”

“Intelligent, Not-At-All-Greasy Sons Of President Travel To Foreign Countries In Order To Nurse Local Wildlife Back To Health”