Rejected Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

The One Where No One Uses Monica’s Body As A Thanksgiving Joke Punchline

The One Where Joey Admits He Accidentally Voted for Bush, Because He Thought His Name Was Funny

The One Where Everyone Says They’re Thankful For Their Rent-Controlled Apartments

The One Where Phoebe Tells Everyone They’ll Have To Stop Eating Turkey If She’s Going To Remain In This Friend Group

The One Where Everyone Quietly Acknowledges That Thanksgiving Raises A Lot of Issues With Cultural Appropriation

The One Where Chandler’s Dad Clarifies That Trans Women and Drag Queens Are Not The Same Thing

The One Where Ben Arrives for Thanksgiving Dinner And Everyone Realizes He’s Never Previously Been Invited

The One Where They Spend Thanksgiving In The Hospital After Rachel’s Trifle Activates Ross’ IBS

The One Where Ross Lectures About How Turkeys Are Related To Dinosaurs And Chandler Fakes An Aneurysm In Order To Leave The Table

The One Where Monica Gets a Prescription for Lexapro And Enjoys Thanksgiving For the First Time

The One Where Rachel Invites Brad Pitt Again And Finally Confirms The Rumors They’ve Gotten Back Together

The One Where Ross and Rachel Decide To Take Another Break Over Thanksgiving Break

The One Where Ross Finally Allows Ben To Play With Toys That Don’t Conform To Gender-Normative Stereotypes

The One Where Rachel Chooses To Wait Outside For Black Friday Sales Instead Of Spending Time With Her Friends

The One Where Everyone Just Spends Thanksgiving With Their Own Families At Home