Rejected Prom Themes

Enchanting Night Of People You’ll Never See After Graduation

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, But Save Space For Jesus

A Night To Remember And A Disappointing Sexual Experience To Forget

A Whole New World Awaits You Of People Who Don’t Know You Shit Yourself In P.E. In 8th Grade

Magic Carpet Ride Rug Burns

Midnight Masquerade As Her Friend For Years And Then Get Mad When She Doesn’t Want To Date You

I Could Have Danced All Night If My Contractions Hadn’t Started

Diamonds Are Forever, But Statistically Speaking, Some Of Us Will Not Live To Make It To Our Reunion, Sorry

Remember Me This Way, Not For The String Of Armed Robberies, DUI’s, And Felony Drug Charges You’ll Read About Over The Years

Sail From Away From This Narrow-Minded Town

Diamonds And Pearl Necklaces From Your 23-Year-Old Boyfriend

All That Jizz That Will Not Come Out Of Your Dress

A Night Of Enchantment Before We’re Buried In Student Loans And Regret

Shimmering Sexual Urges That Are Perfectly Healthy And Accepted In Big Cities

Under The Stars And Under The Clothes

Forever For Tonight, Or Only 48 Seconds In His Mom’s Camry

Finger Blast From The Past!

Magic Moments You’ll Be Telling Your Therapist About For Years

Dancing The Night And Your Virginity Away!

Happily Ever After And Accepting That You Reached Your Peak Coolness