Other Super Secret Info Leaked To Russia By Trump

The White House Wifi password is password.

The place underneath the Oval Office couch cushion where he hides all of his Milky Way bars.

His secret tickle-spot.

The location of that house where they film The Bachelor.

Melania’s safe word: “No, not tonight either, sorry.”

The identity of the killer on Riverdale (Sergei is really behind on his dvr recordings).

The exact spot where “it” happened between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

The White House bathroom where you can go number two without anyone hearing anything.

The super-secret location of the spot where the car from Knight Rider is parked.

The secret code to use in order to get exclusive, never-before-heard Katie Perry b-sides.

Secret red button on the Resolute desk is just for ordering a Coke. (sadly this one is real)