So, a Character in a Thing You Like Has Been Cast, With a Non-Straight White Male and You Are Angry. A Next Step Guide.

Resist the urge to make a “White Luke Cage” argument.

Do not contact the person that was cast in any way.

Delete your Twitter.

Delete your Instagram.

Just to be safe, delete Tinder as well.

Sit back and relax, content that you have now “owned the SJWs” by leaving social media.

Use this free time to re-bag and board all your comics. Lament how little the collectors market for them is now that they have gone digital and subscription service based.

Grasp the concepts of time and change.

Recognize that these stories you love will never disappear*, no matter who might portray the character in any other form.
*Retconning doesn’t count.

Read a novel and imagine the characters any way you want.

Realize that fictional characters have no set identity and that you had previously placed more worth on a concept than on an actual living person’s identity.

Never say “SJW” again.

Watch Luther and be all, “Damn. He’d make a great James Bond!”

Get angry about something that matters, like that restaurants charge $15 for a fucking avocado spread on warmed bread.