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Failed Star Wars Merchandising Tie-Ins

Huggies Anakin Skywalker Transition Diapers: For the toddler that doesn’t want to be viewed as a crying baby, but still has occasional bouts with the Dark Side.


My Signed Book Collection

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens: Signed by The Amazing Johnathan at a Magic Convention in Las Vegas in 2005. The line for the real-life David Copperfield was super long, and I was getting hungry.


Letters Smuggled out from the Front Lines of Amazon’s Never-Ending Holiday Sale

How is Anthony? Is he grown? Does he have his first girlfriend yet? I hope the life-size 6ft dummy I sent with my last note was a suitable replacement for my non-attendance at his piano recital. We’re almost to hump day of Cyber Monday Deals Week, and I fear what will follow. I miss you and hold hope to return to see the family for our annual Christmas Celebration on January 14th


So, a Character in a Thing You Like Has Been Cast, With a Non-Straight White Male and You Are Angry. A Next Step Guide.

Resist the urge to make a “White Luke Cage” argument. Do not contact the person that was cast in any way. Delete your Twitter. Delete your Instagram. Just to be safe, delete Tinder as well. Sit back and relax, content that you have now “owned the SJWs” by leaving social media. Use this free time […]