News On The March

Steven’s March on Washington Highlights Issues of Importance to Steven

WASHINGTON — One week after the more publicized Women’s March on Washington, a demonstration held in the nation’s capital sought to highlight issues of importance to another constituency: Steven O’Neill, 36, of Oceanside, New York. “For far too long,” said O’Neill, “my concerns have been ignored by the government.”

March organizers, who are Steven, say their demands include a better job for Steven—who’s been working at a Long Island GameStop for more than a decade—legislation allowing Steven to remain on his parents’ health-insurance plan, and full reproductive rights for Steven in the form of someone helping him get a date because “When the loneliness closes in at night and [Steven] can hear [Steven’s] own breathing, [Steven doesn’t] know how much more [Steven] can take.”

Another march attendee, Steven’s mother, says she was there to support the cause. “I just want my little boy to be happy,” she said, adding that “if someone could forgive Steven’s student loan debt, that would be a big help to all of us.”

The march was peaceful, and no Steven was arrested. But the mood was still discontented among the marchers, who said the broader economic gains of recent years had not made their way to Steven. “Honestly,” Steven said, “I think I’d be out here regardless of who was president. It feels like no matter what, things just keep getting worse for [Steven.]”