Synopsis: Aunt-Man and the W.A.S.P.

When Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) catches two homeless kids eating a possum in an alleyway, she takes matters into her own hands and delivers the feral children to their only living relative: Aunt Mya (Scarlett Johannson) a street-smart transgender sex worker with a prescription drug habit and a mean left hook, who wants nothing to do with the children. But, her attitude begins to change when a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant named Harry (Scarlett Johannson) rents a room in her house. They strike up a friendship that changes both of their lives forever and Mya realizes that life may hold more possibilities.

One of them being an adorable St. Bernard puppy (Scarlett Johannson) named Beethoven. But, before long the dog grows considerably and it leads to household mishaps that really tests the patience of Mya and Harry. While the children dote on the dog it takes times for her to see it’s finer qualities. Harry gives Mya an ultimatum in which either he goes or the dog goes. Mya, realizing that the dog can make her a little extra $40 an hour for her gentleman callers chooses the dog.

However, Beethoven’s life is jeopardized when a team of sex slavers (Scarlett Johannson) abducts Beethoven one afternoon. Mya receives a phone call seeking a ransom to which she responds by saying that she doesn’t have any money, but what she does have are a particular set of skills. Skills that she’s acquired over a very long career. Skills that maker her a nightmare for people like them and if they let the dog go right then that, that’ll be the end of it.

She will not look for them…

She will not pursue them…

But if they don’t… She will look for them… She will find them… and she will kill them…

She does!

But, the family reunion gets spoiled quickly when news of an asteroid heading towards Earth comes on the radio. NASA worker Dan Truman (Scarlett Johannson) determines that the only way to stop it is to drill into it and plant a nuclear bomb at its core. This leads him to Harry Stamper (Scarlett Johannson) a world famous oil driller who agrees to lead the dangerous space mission under the condition that he can bring his own team. Among them is the young and arrogant A.J. (Scarlett Johannson) who is in love with Harry Stamper’s daughter (Scarlett Johanson).

When the mission hits a few snags, the equipment becomes faulty and Harry realizes that the only way he can save the earth is to remain on the asteroid and detonate the nuclear bomb himself which will surely kill him.

In his final moments, Harry reflects on meeting Sally (Scarlett Johannson). A girl he met when he graduated college in 1977. The two share a passive aggressive car ride from Chicago to New York during which they argue about whether men and women can ever be, “just friends.” They keep running into each other throughout their adult years and they decide to try to just be friends without letting sex complicate their relationship. Eventually, the will they/won’t they tension becomes too much and it develops into one of the more memorable romances in the history of cinema.

As they grow older the love subsides and they file for divorce. Sally takes the house and the kids and Harry has to rebuild his life with broken pieces. He takes up residence in an Atlanta apartment complex where he meets Transgender sex worker Mya (Scarlett Johannson).