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Totally True Oscar Facts

Sally Field is the only person to ever get into a fist fight with the host when she punched Bob Hope in the face at the 131st ceremony.

Bette Davis wasn’t present for either of her 1936 or 1939 wins. Lars Ulrich of Metallica accepted on her behalf.

There was only one person who was nominated for five Oscars in one year and that was when Walter Matthau took up all 5 Best Supporting Actor spots for his turn as Mr. Wilson in 1993’s Dennis The Menace.

Meryl Streep eats all of her Oscars immediately after winning them.

The only animal ever nominated for an Academy Award were all those bees that killed Macaulay Culkin in 1991’s My Girl.

Ed Harris isn’t even a real person yet he’s been nominated three times.

Frances McDormand is the only person to ever win an Oscar and a chicken wing eating contest in the same night.

Originally Humphrey Bogart’s role in Casablanca was written for Ving Rhames but he passed because he just “couldn’t see it.”

Steven Spielberg is the only person to be nominated every year since the ceremony started 450 years ago.

No one has ever seen The English Patient.

Denzel Washington is the only person to win two Oscars for playing the same role as Rocky Balboa.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Dustin Hoffman are the first brothers to win an Academy Award who aren’t even brothers. The rest were either not brothers or not Hoffmans.

Lawrence Olivier used to put salt in his pee hole just to feel something.

Lawrence Of Arabia is the only film to ever win Best Picture & an Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Judo in the same year.

Jennifer Lawrence farted so loud at the 300th Oscars that it killed Dame Judi Dench.

Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, and Jack Nicholson are secretly all the same man.

Marcia Gay Harden doesn’t even know what film she won for.

Each year every nominee is given a $140,000 gift bag filled with handfuls of Tim Burton’s hair and $25 Starbucks gift cards.

You should not feed your Oscar statue after midnight otherwise they turn into gremlins.

William Hurt thanked Marmaduke, the hilarious Great Dane from the comic strip in his acceptance speech.

Nicole Kidman is the only Oscar winner that knows the precise location where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

Tom Brady is the only person to win 7 Super Bowls.

Charlie Kaufman and Dalton Trumbo are the only married couple to ever win Oscars for Best Original Screenplay.

Lee Marvin and Ingrid Berman are the only performers to win Oscars for both Best Actor and Best Actress in a leading role.

Forrest Gump didn’t actually win Best Picture. It was Moonlight.

Disney’s Dumbo is the first NC-17 film to ever be nominated.

Penélope Cruz almost choked Jack Lemmon to death on the red carpet because acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee put a $50 bounty on his head and Penélope Cruz doesn’t fuck around.

The Dead Sea Scrolls is just the Academy Award nominated screenplay of Amélie

Oliver! is the first documentary to ever win Best Picture.