A Statement on Our Relationship From American Airlines and JetBlue Airways

It is with great sadness that we at JetBlue and American Airlines announce the end of our partnership. This was a very difficult process for us and we want everyone to know that we are parting on loving terms. We have nothing but admiration for each other’s low fares, bonus mile offers, and inflight menu selections. 

Corporate Statement Templates For This Pride Month

Pride Parade Float Is Set On Fire : We here at [cabal of billionaires/actual power behind the government] are [saddened/overjoyed] to hear about the [tragic/wonderful] events that took place at the recent Pride parade.

CARTOON: Cash Clothes

Perfect plan. Today's cartoon by Bill Thomas.

CARTOON: Competition

Expanding reach. Today's cartoon by Mat Barton & Adam Cooper.

I’m Just Calling to Follow Up on the Email I’m About to Send You

Are you getting another call right now? That’s me, hitting you up on Microsoft Teams. If we talk on Teams and the phone at the same time, we can do a post-mortem on this follow-up call while I prioritize the tasks for the email I’ll send you later that we’re following up on now. That way we won’t have to circle back later and rehash things we haven’t talked about yet.


Sticky situation. Today's cartoon by Jeff Hobbs.

Shiv Roy’s Tips for How To #GirlBoss Your Way Through Losing Control of the Family Company

Don’t Trust Anybody: When shit’s falling apart, don’t trust anybody. Don’t trust your friends, don’t trust your mother, don’t trust your husband. If you’re going to trust anyone, only trust me when I say not to trust anyone. And more!

CARTOON: Rock Star

B.C. Business. Today's cartoon by Shannon Wheeler.

CARTOON: Booming Business

What we got for $2 trillion? Lots of happy military contractors. Today's cartoon by Peter Kuper.


Motel 666, Ben and Scary's, L.L. Speen, and more #HorrorABusiness on this weeks trending joke game!

The Defunct Corporations Support Club Welcomes Quibi

Agenda: Welcome Quibi to the group! We really are impressed that you became a member in record time. You beat the record that MoviePass set in 2018!

COVID-19 Business E-mail Alerts You May Have Missed...

And as this pandemic has proven, there are a lot of dangerous, mentally unbalanced people posting less than truthful information on Twitter. From Russian bots and opportunistic hate groups to the president and his family, there are many unsavory predators lurking on Twitter.

NYSE-Style Ticker Symbols For Terrible Business Ideas

YSND: Yes And Industries: An improv comedy-based telecommunications company, Yes And Industries connects people via pretend telephones, with plans on expanding to culinary arts, namely fake onion chopping, in the near future.  

I Backpacked Across The Globe And Found Paradise And It Is The Open Office

There’s a thrill an office provides that’s unlike any experience available on the road. Chatting about weather with Marge from accounting is really no different than eavesdropping in a Paris cafe.

CARTOON: Team Player

Who brought the orange slices? Today's cartoon by Drew Panckeri.

Please Deliver This Request for Proposal by End of Week

My boss told me “deadline has the word ‘dead’ for a reason.” Help.

Talkward w/ guest Irving Ruan

This episode of Talkward welcomes San Francisco based humor writer, actor, comedian, playwright, and engineer Irving Ruan. Irving writes regularly for The New Yorker, McSweeney's, Weekly Humorist as well SlackJaw, where he is also an editor!

CARTOON: Volume Value

Volume non-value-add. Today's cartoon by Evan Lian.

Sexist Double Standards I Hold About Men That Generic RideShare App™ Needs to Address

As a powerful woman who is supposed to hate all other women and nonbinary people almost as much as I hate myself, this email serves to confess I can’t. I just can’t and I need your help. It’s terrible and really going to limit my trajectory at Generic RideShare App™, but there are some sexist double-standards I just can’t help but have.

Note of Appreciation From Dinosaur Old Business To Customers Still Buying And Not Using The New Business Disruptors

We thank you for upholding the idea that even though there's a cheaper, more sensible way to eat, sleep, drink — do virtually anything — you don't care. You want things to stay the same. Because staying the same is the only way we can respect the past and keep people like us alive. You realize that once our business dies off -- and it will -- life will never be the same.

CARTOON: Budget Cuts

"Our budget ran out right about here." Today's cartoon by Tim Oliphant

Talkward w/ guest Brittany Brave

Today on Talkward is guest Brittany Brave! Brittany is a stand-up…

Other Recent Changes To Your MoviePass Account

MoviePass announced it is raising its price and cutting access…