Road Trip Stops You Won't Want To Miss!!

Apples & Bees, Shappalap, OK- Not to be confused with the popular chain of bar and grill restaurants located throughout North America, Apples & Bees is instead an apple orchard that is open to the public, but also plagued regularly by swarms of bees.

AK Mart and 14 Other NRA approved Wedding Registries

Crate and Gun Barrel, Bed, Blood Bath and Beyond, Target, and more.

Other Crazy Beliefs Of The MyPillow Guy

"Andrew Cuomo's discarded nipple rings can be used to construct a helmet with which to contact yodeling enthusiasts from other dimensions." "Beverly Hills 90210 is superior to Melrose Place." And more!

Other Crazy QAnon Conspiracy Theories

Wearing a necklace of gluten around your neck will ward off Democrats. Socialists hold wet t-shirt contents using the tears of Jesus. And more!

Awkward Interactions Explained by a Guy Who's Read Famous Author Malcolm Gladwell's Books Too Much

So it turns out I thought I had hit mute but accidentally did not. My boss says "Gerald are you okay? We can hear you breathing on the line.". I begin to breathe heavier because famous author Malcolm Gladwell talks about the importance of meditation. I really hope famous author Malcolm Gladwell would be proud of me.

CARTOON: Unbelievably Believable

Unbelievably believable. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

Itinerary Of A Plant Dad

11AM — Pia and our cat Lionel are finally getting along. I was getting worried for a moment we’d have to put him down.

My Internet History Is Crazier Than Yours

My internet history is the craziest out of anyone. Seriously,…

9 Things That Are Definitely More Responsible For School Shootings Than Guns

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says there are too many entrances…

Rudy G's "Makin' Life A Breeze"- Rudy Giuliani's Guide To Living Your Best Life!

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Life can be crazy sometimes. And…

PlentyOfPrisoners and 11 Other Sites For People Who Confuse Crazy In Love w/Being In Love w/Someone Crazy

eHarmMe eBodilyHarmony ChristianMangle PlentyOfPrisoners AdultFiendFinder Cra-Cra…