Leaking Our Decision To Overturn Roe v. Wade Violates The Supreme Court’s Privacy And Government Bodily Autonomy

We wanted to release our ruling on our own terms. We have been denied that choice. How would you like it if your Twitter drafts were posted before you had finished tinkering with them? Your risky texts shot off before being peer reviewed by the girlies? An email replied to before you counted the exclamation points?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Facts

Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn't protect the constitution, because it would be ridiculous to forget the whole point of the constitution is to protect people.

CARTOON: RBG Color Coded

RBG Color Coded. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers

TESTIFY Fearless Flying Program

Counseling nervous flyers and victims of sexual assault since…

CARTOON: Supremely Hazy Court

Is this party BYOB? Because that's no problem. Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers.

Drunk Cartoon: In Your FFFFFace!

Let's go streaking! Cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

A Sampling Of Brett Kavanaugh's Home Brewed Beers

Small Wood Double IPA: A hoppy beer with nutty undertones and a strong hint of male entitlement. The presidential beer of choice. Sausage Fest Pale Ale: A favorite among prep school boys and GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee. And more...

LEAKED: The Full Set of Rules for Reading the FBI’s Kavanaugh Report

Inside the room are a series of objects that contain clues on how to unlock the box. Do not break any of the items to find clues. All items are on personal loan from Tobin and Squi.

Surprise Nominee Gritty Elected To The Supreme Court.

Washington, DC—In a shocking move this morning, the US Senate voted unanimously to push surprise nominee Gritty though into the highest court in America. Gritty is a monster with an impeccable record, both in his academic standing and his professional history. He is known for his athleticism, hobby marksmanship and googly eyes.

LEAKED: The White House Approved Kavanaugh FBI Interview List!

"David Dennison" Donald Trump Jr. “Bart O’Kavanaugh,”Anthony Kennedy and more.

CARTOON: Cut The Kavanaugh

Cheese or Kavanaugh? Today's cartoon by Pat Byrnes.

As a Father of a Son, I’m Very Concerned About Recent Events

When my son is middle aged, will his long record of sexual violence in high school and college come to light, momentarily jeopardizing his seat on the Supreme Court? The indignity!

I Testify Before Congress in All My Fantasies

I can’t imagine anything more erotic than telling my story to America’s preeminent misogynists. Sweating in their suits as they question me. Wagging their erect fingers at me for slowing down an appointment critical to their agenda. Holy shit, my legs are quaking!

Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 Calendar

{ Official Transcript of provided Brett Kavanaugh 1982 Calendar } July 10 – “Visit Yale, Remember Visine.” July 21 - "Hypothetical Plans" July 22 – “Buy gag dick” – (X’d out)

CARTOON: Kavanaugh Georgetown Prep Yearbook

Goals: Supreme Court Justice or FBI (Federal Breast Inspector) Today's cartoon by Ivan Ehlers

theSkramm: Girl, WTF?!? The World is Spinning OUT OF CTRL!

What, you're still here? Haven't you read enough of this horrible, disheartening junk yet? Don't expect me to pull you out of the dark hole you're about to fall into. I can barely hang on myself. Christ...