Tony Robbins Presents: “Unleash the Not-So-Risky and Therefore More Employable Power Within” Workshop

Are you a woman with skills to share, but no one will hire you because you are just too darn good-looking? Tony Robbins will help you unleash the more acceptable and low-risk version of yourself you know you can be!

This workshop will include seminars to help you create your breakthrough with a variety of hands on activities, such as:

  • How to tone down your gender appearance for interview day

  • Walking in a more manly and sexually non-suggestive but very physically intimidating manner

  • Breathing so as not to appear breathless or sultry

  • Dressing to de-accentuate your best features

BONUS OPPORTUNITY! For a nominal fee, you can also register for a pre-workshop workshop that is only for extraordinarily beautiful women. You will be pre-sorted by an intimidating man prior to the workshop. This will focus solely on diminishing your physical appearance and self-esteem. Remember: Confidence is sexy and sexy is completely unemployable.

This bonus workshop will cover:

  • Looking matronly with the help of plastic hair-combs

  • Perfecting the actually messy-but-not-sexy-messy bun

  • Choosing frumpy clothing that could in no way be misconstrued for “sexy geek chic”

  • Using rolled up towels stuffed into the sides of oversized men’s trousers to eliminate any signs of natural human shape so as to create a very acceptable and HR-friendly, non-human presentation of yourself

  • One-on-One makeup tutorials to show you how to contour-away the natural beauty of your face in order to create the appearance of a blurry, unrecognizable lump of flesh on top of your shoulders

The high-energy stadium wrap-up session will be something you don’t want to miss. We will tackle the real monster within, the one preventing you from reaching your mega-potential. That’s right, Tony Robbins will teach you how to not talk about your own trauma. Whether it be rape, abuse or other forms of sexual oppression, you will walk away feeling ashamed of your attachment to feminism and movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp. You’ll leave feeling awash with guilt at your play for significance and be ready to use the motivational catch phrases now printed on your new, free tote bag and motivational planner such as:

  • Be Significant, Grow a Pair

  • Speak Up, Speak Out about Attractiveness in the Workplace

  • Ugly is Employable And Easy To Dismiss If Allegations Are Made

Reserve your seats now! The first 100 attendees will receive full-color posters of these meaningful phrases, perfect for displaying in any office environment.

Post-event networking opportunity

Don’t miss out on the post-event networking opportunity where you can share stories with others who may also fear being deemed “Too Risky” for employment, such as:

  • Other highly-qualified and perfectly acceptable, bipedal, oxygen breathing life forms

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received here on the Tony Robbins team in regard to his insightful spotlight on the #MeToo movement, we’re offering a Ladies Only event! That’s right girls, get out your unflattering burlap sacks and flatten out those shapely calves with some institutional, but practical footwear and join us for a personal growth breakthrough!