Are You Staying at “Clyde’s Rustic Farmhouse Escape” AirBnB or Trapped in an Escape Room?

1. There are old portraits of someone else’s family hanging on the walls.

2. The kitchen looks fully functional, but none of the appliances actually work.

3. You find a key hidden inside a fake rock.

4. There’s a handwritten note from a guy named Clyde that appears to be a set of instructions, but none of them tell you which of the seven different remotes turns on the TV.

5. The main form of entertainment is a series of maddening puzzles.

6. One of the lights is flickering, and your group spends a disproportionate amount of time debating whether it’s just a bad bulb or a ghost trying to send you a coded message from the afterlife.

7. The website claims each room is cleaned thoroughly after every use, but there’s a layer of dust on everything.

8. One person in your group takes the puzzles way too seriously.

9. When the power goes out, you’re told you won’t get your money back because it was “part of the experience.”

10. You hear a strange, disembodied voice emanating from beneath the floorboards claiming to be “The Ghost of Clyde Thomas Owens Sr.” with a very important clue about his murder.

11. You start to question why you’ve chosen to spend so much time with people who are so terrible at puzzles.

12. One door is locked with a padlock, and you’re convinced it’s the key to solving a two-hundred-year-old murder mystery.

13. You’re pretty sure you’re surrounded by things that can only be seen under a UV light.

14. You have a sneaking feeling you’re being recorded.

15. In the beginning, you thought this would be fun, but now you can’t wait to leave, and it’s looking less likely you ever will.

Clyde’s Rustic Farmhouse Escape: 1-15

Escape Room: 1-9, 11-15