Trump IQ Test

President Donald Trump has challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test after Tillerson called the President “a moron.”

Here are the questions that Trump has drawn up for the test:

1. What’s a moron?

2. One Access Hollywood bus leaves New York at the same time another leaves Los Angeles. Which one will feature the most sexual assaults by the time it reaches St. Louis?

3. When is the crowd of 500,000 that attended President A’s Inauguration bigger than the crowd of 2 million that attended President B’s Inauguration?
A) When President A is White
B) When President B is Black
C) A&B

4. It’s OK to wear white swastikas after Labor Day.


5. The proper behavior during the playing of the National anthem is to:
A) Stand at attention with your right hand placed over your heart
B) Tweet at attention
C) Order the Vice President to leave the room
D) Ask Vladimir what to do

6. Rearrange the following letters to create a word: covfefe.

7. Someone reports something horrible that you did. Your reaction should be to:
A) Call it fake news
B) Tweet that you’re going to bomb some country
C) Undo something Obama did
D) All of the above

8. Which country has the best hookers?
A) Russia
B) Russia
C) Russia
D) Russia
E) All of the above

9. A natural disaster strikes a state that did not vote for you in the election. Your immediate reaction should be to:
A) Reduce your round of 18 holes to 9
B) Increase your round of 18 holes to 36
C) Stage a campaign rally in a state that voted for you

10. A cabinet member insults you publicly. Your response should be to:
A) Meet with him privately and have a calm, rational, adult conversation. (Ha! Ha! Just kidding).
B) Give him a vote of confidence
C) Fire his ass on the spot and replace him with that chick Nikki Haley