Ways to Refer to a Thing Someone Said Without Actually Calling it Racist

Racially motivated

Racially charged

Powered by a vaguely racist AAA battery

Full bodied with mild notes of racism

Containing racist overtones

Containing racist undertones

Containing racist tritones

Adrift approximately three knots east of racist relative to the westward wind



Tolerance averse

Possessing a mild allergy to tolerance

Within the vicinity of ethnonationalism

Processed in a facility that may contain racism

Embellished with a racially charged and entirely unedible garnish

Crafted with murmurs of bigoted mahogany

Containing trace amounts of xenophobia

Peppered with racial aroma

Racially infused

Racially divisive

Having to do with race in regards to the fourth letter of PEMDAS

Six degrees of white supremacist

Klu Klux Kandid remarks