Mike Flynn Phone Calls

The Trump Administration has more phone call problems.

(Now former) National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is in hot water for reportedly having an inappropriate telephone conversation with the Russian Ambassador before Donald Trump was sworn in as President. During the conversation Flynn, then a private citizen, reportedly assured the Russian Ambassador that the incoming Administration would roll back the sanctions that President Obama had just imposed on Russia.

Apparently Flynn has made other interesting phone calls:

Called the Atlanta Falcons at halftime to congratulate them on their Super Bowl victory.

Called the Prime Minister of Australia to tell him to “get ready to be Trump-erized.”

Called the Secret Service and told them to buy Trump ties because “they’re made of the finest silk in China.”

Called FTD to order 1 million red roses to be sent to the Kremlin on Valentine’s Day.

Called to offer condolences to families of victims of the “Bowling Green Massacre” and hung up after talking to a dial tone for half an hour.

Sent smoke signals to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, nicknamed “Pocahontas” by President Trump, warning her not to oppose Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be attorney general.

Called the Ninth Circuit of Appeals and asked “how come the Knicks can ban Charles Oakley from the Garden and we can’t ban Muslims?”

Called CNN to see if they have a job for his son “as a fake news correspondent.”

Called Buckingham Palace and asked “do you have Prince Albert in a can?”

Called Steve Bannon to offer his resignation.


Illustration by Todd Spence