Best of 2020

What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: Carelessly Loose Spin-Offs Edition

In light of ongoing pandemic troubles and a frighteningly uncertain presidential election, we felt that our main demographic would like to escape from literally everything and regress back to their childhood. To that end, we’re excited to release five, new spin-off series this week that take your favorite characters– and the characters you didn’t even know about– and place them in crazy situations that are all more stable than reality!


Mopey After Snow

If you loved the interwoven personalities between Snow White and her seven dwarves, you’ll love this new miniseries focusing on specifically just one of them! Was Mopey always mopey? To what extent is his Christian name a mere result of stigmatization and flawed societal labeling? Mopey grapples with seasonal affective disorder, finding happiness from within, and the search for love in this touching new story.


Pennysmize: A Soft Side

Stephen King’s It has seen plenty of iterations. First the 1986 book, then the 1990 widely acclaimed mini TV series, then the 2017 sentimentally-received Chapter One movie, then the 2019 this-is-getting-tired Chapter Two movie, and NOW there will be Pennysmize. In this humanizing series produced by Will Farrell, Ronald McDonald plays a young Pennywise as he navigates circus life and making balloon animals. Viewers will laugh so hard at this feel good show that they won’t even care that it has nothing to do with the original plot!


When Harry Left Amanda

Everyone digs Harry and Sally, but what ever happened to Harry’s college sweetheart, Amanda? You know, that girl in the first two minutes of the movie? For the first time ever, we learn how Amanda dealt with trust issues after her boyfriend and bestfriend drove to New York together and left her in the dust. Could this be the reason for her two failed marriages? Will a recreational nude figure drawing class and the smokin’ teacher persuade her to finally let go? Yes and probably!


Beauty School Zombie Dropout

Years after dropping out of both Rydell High School and La Cafury Beauty School, Frenchy is despondent and downright angry. In our new thrilling and Tarantino-esque series, this murderous Pink Lady rises up from the dead and returns to Delaware County to hunt down her former classmates and punish them for something they did that wasn’t in the first or second movie, but maybe it is if you look hard enough. Featuring original music by Rob Zombie and animated choreography by Tim Burton performed by haunted curling irons.


One of the Balloons From ‘Up’

We can all agree that Pixar’s Up is one of the most adorable and thoughtful movies out there. It was so well done, that it definitely didn’t need  a spin-off, and that just drove us fucking bonkers– so this one’s a stretch even for us. In this poignant spin-off that predates the floating house, we follow the life of one of the balloons from when it was first made in a latex processing plant, packaged with other latex balloons, dabbled with a heroin addiction, shipped to a Party American, purchased by Mr. Fredericksen, and then, well, the rest is history. Or is it? In 15 seasons, you’ll know.




So many fun characters, so many generous liberties taken with your nostalgia and escapist tendencies! While it seems impossible that you’ll binge all 640 hours of these episodes instead of sleeping or working in the month, we continue to be amazed and have planned accordingly. Stay tuned for our kid-friendly Holiday 2020 releases coming up within the month including Nightmare on 34th Street, How The Grinch Stole the Election: A Docuseries, Home Alonely, and so many more!