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An Influencer Reviews the Cardiologist

Hey, Queens! If you live in New York City and have an irregular heartbeat, you HAVE to check out Manhattan Cardiology Offices. Their Upper East Side location is to die for, but hopefully not in my case!


Keep in mind, this place is as exclusive as Soho House when it was cool, so forget about a walk-in. You’ll schedule with the office concierge, and it may take months to get off the waitlist. Don’t forget to have your GP vouch for you! They won’t let just anyone seek treatment.


The cover fee to simply get in the door is around $200, but if you’re an exclusive Aetna Choice Plus member, like yours truly, you’ll get an insane discount.


No matter what time you check-in, you’ll wait around 45 minutes. Dr. Tanaka’s slots are insanely coveted. I like to take this time to enjoy a guided meditation, use my travel gua sha, or nervously go pee five times and try not to think about my medical condition because who has time for that kind of toxic mindset?


Once you’re shown to your private room, you’ll be offered a light-weight, cotton kimono to don for your experience. Pro tip: only novices take their pants off. FWIW, Princess Polly’s linen wide-leg trousers beautifully compliment the kimono and are linked in my bio. Use code HEARTSTOPPER for 10% off!


Let’s move on to the decor. The anatomical textbook heart prints that cover the walls are beautiful if not a touch literal. The austerely beige room, velcro blood pressure cuff, vintage ‘98 Dell monitor, camp needle disposal, and vegan leather office chair all come together seamlessly to exude an eclectic yet minimalist vibe.


What it lacks in extras it makes up for in the details, including a freshly stocked canister of cotton balls and a bed with fresh crinkly paper. Unfortunately, there was no turndown service.


Some clients only see one professional during their appointment, but I was visited by a medical assistant, a nurse practitioner, and Dr. Tanaka herself. You could say I was popular! They all knew my name, date of birth, family history of high cholesterol, and the fact that I had mono in high school. That’s the power of having a strong personal brand. Your reputation precedes you. That reminds me, I still have 5 slots available in my “How to Build A Strong Personal Brand” master class. DM me!


No promises, but if the medical team finds you elite enough, you may even be invited BACK to their VIP rooms for a private “follow-up.” I was not only asked back, but they practically begged me to return and try out some of their state of the art equipment. In fact, their exact phrasing was, “this is an emergency.” Twist my arm!


Next time, I’ll be doing some kind of workout class called a “Stress Test” on a treadmill while being hooked up to all sorts of sexy machinery. I’ve linked the Alo activewear set I’ll be wearing in my Instagram Stories. They also really liked my aura and want me to get an MRI so they can photograph it. Cute.


Given how expensive and time-consuming this luxury service was, I will say I was a touch disappointed that there were no swag bags following the event. However, I was lent a very retro-looking heart monitor to style for a few days! It’s giving Tamagotchi-chic.


All in all, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Tanaka. She’s a little pricey, but self-care is always hot. If you go, make sure you mention CPT code 99212! No discount, but this way your insurance will correctly bill you. <3