Upcoming Crazy Twists on The Walking Dead

That one guy? You know, the guy who’s friends with the main guy? He gets separated from the group during a zombie attack!

And that one fellow with the really greasy hair? No, no… not him. The other one. Anyway, he starts flipping out about something. Not sure what, but it’s really cool, and sort of scary too!

A zombie bites someone, and first it seems like it might be the main guy!! But then it turns out that it’s just a random extra who sort of looks like the main guy. Still, pretty spooky!

The group walks around a bit. It seems like something might happen for a minute or two, which is very exciting! Then they walk around a bit more. Whew, that was a close one!

One of the zombies in a recent episode kind of looks like my cousin, Andy. Not because of his psoriasis, I’m not trying to be mean. It was more the eyes. And the limp. Anyway, that was pretty cool.