Why George Santos Doesn’t Mind Being Expelled From Congress

George Santos just became the third person in modern times to be expelled from Congress. Here’s why he’s fine with that.


  1. He’s now free to become King of England, a job that pays better and works less than a congressman.

  2. He  finally has time to spend with that baby he was walking around with.

  3. They didn’t strip him of all his rights as an ex-congressman, which means he can still visit the gym and continue to bench 360 to impress the other congressmen.

  4. He really doesn’t lie enough to be a politician.

  5. He can pursue his dream of becoming the best pickleball player in the world.

  6. He can go on tour with Taylor Swift like she’s been asking him.

  7. Now he can show the world how the flute is really supposed to be played.

  8. More time for him to hang out with his buddies: the Kardasians, LeBron and Bruce Lee.

  9. He can write his autobiography while exploring the North Pole.

  10.  He’s got a great shot at being Trump’s VP.