15 Fascinating German Words With Imagined English Translations

Fundrelshut (adj) – Describes a food that is perfectly boiled.

Omaditenadvizen (noun) – When your Oma tells you to choose a more practical career path.

Roschteschiser (adj) – Used to describe a strikingly life-like Haribo gummy bear.

Volklpaß (noun) – A family that owns only one Volkswagen, despite having quite a large garage.

Fustlaugern (verb) – To go as quickly as one can while riding a public bicycle.

Fraffelkatten (noun) – A Christmas Market/Schnitzel shop by day, Christmas Market/biergarten by night.

Deutchengrubbenick (noun) – The inability to eat any more German food in one sitting.

Spouselvalken (verb) – To hike silently next to your wife of 30 years.

Skät (adj) – Used to describe a speedy Bundesliga winger.

Kanotbronzenteime (noun) – The sinking feeling that it’s going to take a lot more than a week in Majorca to be visibly tan.

Draoug (noun) – One handful of beer.

Könbleiben (noun) – The realization that you no longer fit into your lederhosen due to one too many draougen.

Aufenphewel (noun) – The sense of relief one feels when they see a service worker who isn’t dressed like a Bavarian milkmaid.

Sibileinfestle (adj) – Describes an event where everyone looks like they are siblings.

Munchevinderblinder (noun) – No discernable translation.