Best of 2023

A Guide to Pregaming in Your 40s

EVENT: Company-mandated team-building karaoke

PREGAMING: Chugging hot water with a spritz of lemon and rimming the glass with raw Manuka honey

EVENT: Dancing the hora at your nephew’s bar mitzvah

PREGAMING: Shooting IcyHot into your knees

EVENT: Watch-Party for “Conversations with Friends” with your millennial friends

PREGAMING: Binge-reading the book first

EVENT: Wine-tasting at your local boutique wine bar

PREGAMING: Chasing three Ibuprofen with a liter of strawberry Pedialyte

EVENT: A concert that starts at 10 pm for no good reason

PREGAMING: Crashing on the couch for a 20-minute snooze then inserting Dr. Scholl’s insoles into your sensible boots

EVENT: 8 pm reservation for a 15-course dinner with your European friends who are way cooler than you

PREGAMING: Guzzling down a pre-dinner dinner matcha latte with two lines of Spirulina, then knocking back a heartburn pill

EVENT: Getting out of bed in the morning

PREGAMING: Good luck