A Look Back at VICE’s Most Influential Stories

The former bad boy of American journalism VICE is at death’s door. The latest round of layoffs after many rounds of layoffs included the announcement that the news website will stop producing original stories as it explores new directions. Let’s take a look back at the news publication that put the “hip” in “hipster douchebag.”

We Listened to Every Dead Kennedys Record and Now We Understand the Middle East Conflict

We Went to North Korea to Introduce The Country to Fritos

We Started Using the Apple iPod Again to See If It’s More Effective at Ignoring Our Loved Ones

We Snuck a Batarang Through Airport Security to Test the TSA’s Pop Culture Knowledge

We Tested Recipes from The Anarchist’s Cookbook to See Which Ones Would Make the Best Facebook Cover

We Ate a Whole Yard of Snickers Bars Like a Human Vacuum Cleaner

We Went to the Gaza Strip to Put Truck Nutz on the Wailing Wall

We Called Our Moms to Tell Them We’re Drug Dealers Right Before Going Home for Thanksgiving

We Took Molly at the Zoo and Made Friends with a Panda

We Flew to Bhutan for the Signing of the “Three Step Roadmap” After Getting on the Wrong Flight

We Liked The Taliban on Facebook and They Won’t Stop Messaging Us

We Tracked Down a Nigerian Prince Email Scam and Now We Own a Timeshare in Albany

We Found the Real Life Walter White and Showed Him How to Double His Marketing Potential with SEO

We Went to an Orgy and Yelled “Shark!”

We Followed Imagine Dragons on Tour in Full Furry Cosplay and Can’t Stop Crying

We Went to the First In-N-Out Burger and Put All the Soda Flavors in One Cup and Made Our Friend Drink It

We Found Amelia Earhart’s Plane and We’re Not Telling You Where It Is

We Worked an Entire Shift at Waffle House So We Could Steal All the Batter

We Got Married in Vegas and Divorced the Next Day to See How Many Frequent Flyers Miles We Could Earn

We Cloned Ourselves to Improve Our Degrees of Separation Away from Kevin Bacon

We Tried to Make Blazing Saddles Again to Shut Up Your Uncle John

We Went Into Space on a Commercial Flight to See If Getting Shot with a Shotgun Works the Same Way on Earth

We Got Dental Work in Canada and Now We’re Citizens

We Went to the Last Blockbuster Video and Started the Opioid Crisis

We Watched an Entire Season of Jimmy Fallon and Now We’ve Taken Hostages

We Bought All the Oil in Venezuela and Traded It for the World’s Rarest Beanie Baby

We Investigated Jan. 6 Conspiracies and Uncovered a Bunch of OSHA Violations

We Started a Magazine and Ran It Into the Ground to Prove the Fragility of America’s Media Diet