Bathroom Remodeling Secrets


There’s no such thing as a dream bathroom, just like there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage.

Anyone who tells you a new spacious shower can solve your problems and transform your life, is full of shit.

It was never about sink.

Your loved ones will never notice the difference of a new remodeled bathroom. Does the toilet flush? Can I have the keys to the car tonight?

That contractor is never going to return and no longer a part of your life.


Concerns of protecting your family from bacteria in the bathroom are unfounded when you consider that everybody has thousands of particles of bacteria on them.

I had sex in the shower with your sister.

 Most accidents happen in the bathroom.


The bathroom is the most personal space in the house so it’s only natural that there are many bathroom remodeling secrets.

You no longer have to settle for traditional tiles. You CAN afford a designer pattern.



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