Brainstorm For Dolly Parton’s Google Doodle

The word Google but instead of two o’s they’re an illustration of Dolly’s big, round eyes. Ms. Parton’s dazzling eyes have always been a signature part of her appearance and it was those beautiful eyes that won America over the moment she first appeared on The Porter Wagoner Show in 1967.

The word Google but the two o’s are a lifelike depiction of Dolly’s giant, supple ears. It was those ears that found the new sound of country music and created some of our favorite tunes.

The word Google but the two o’s are an image of Dolly holding her two massive, natural, milky white dinner plates. The doodle would be a callback to her former life as a waitress at Dobb’s House Restaurant before she got her big break in the music industry.

The word Google but the two o’s are large, shiny, globular, heavy-looking, reverent, prestigious Grammy awards to represent her many Grammy wins and other industry accolades.

The word Google but Dolly is riding on top of it because it’s shaped like an impossibly long, hard, sturdy, formidable, substantial limousine from Dolly’s fan favorite album White Limozeen from 1989.

The word Google but it’s lit with spotlights on a green hillside underneath the Dollywood sign and the double o’s in both signs are in enormous, juicy, delicious, pale-colored, visible-from-a-distance, classic SF Hollywood Hills font.